PAPA ROACH - Who Do You Trust? (Album)

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Surviving an amazing 20 years in a fickle industry, thanks in no small part to being a fantastic live band, having a loyal fan base and a certain level of musical evolution, PAPA ROACH have just released their 10th album, 'Who Do You Trust?. There have been some mixed reviews of the album, so I'm excited to have a listen and make my own mind up.

It's an eclectic mix, as expected, which looks back at some of the different eras in the band's history as well as paving the way for exciting new music - no, this band have not finished yet! The curiously named 'The Ending' is the first track, a bold, enticing and ambient track with tinkling synth which hooks you in. 'Renegade Music' is where the album kicks off for me, I love this track, which was released alongside the title track as singles to both critical and fan acclaim. It features a heavier vocal and is more bass-filled; catchy and attitude-laden nu-metal to melt your face off.

Latest single 'Not The Only One' starts out like a generic pop-rock track but gets heavier at the chorus, a good contrast and not unfamiliar to PAPA ROACH fans, but doesn't do enough to push my buttons, I'm afraid. Title track 'Who Do You Trust?', however, is another stand out track, the rhythm just stealing your heart, a song with style and swagger in spades. Check out the funny video here

’Elevate' has inspiring, uplifting choral segments, the melodic vocals interspersed with hard and heavy rap and the instrumental setting the pace throughout with a super cool groove. The pop-punk 'Feel Like Home' has an irresistible chorus and is very radio friendly, followed by the hip-hop/pop 'Problems' which is a heartfelt track with stunning vocals and a haunting melody. It's easy to forget how beautiful Jacoby can lay out melodies but his voice is demonstrated well in this song.

Another top track for me, 'Top of the World', a melodious vocal intermingled with rap and a buoyant chorus that elevates the song to new heights, the experience almost ethereal in places, whilst ‘I Suffer Well’ is a short punk, rage-filled, manic song, gregarious and fast-paced.

The album closes with a fun and enjoyable pop-rock track ‘Better Than Life’, with an anthemic chorus, and whilst I do genuinely like this track, it falls a little short for me, aiming to get somewhere it never quite reaches, though I do enjoy the journey immensely.

In all, this is a mixed bag, plenty for PAPA ROACH fans new and old, and if you like the band, you'll like this album. Simple. If you aren’t familiar with the band it is well worth a listen if you like BMTH, Green Day, and Linkin Park There's something for everyone. A great addition to your collection, 'Who Do You Trust?' was released on January 18, 2019 through Eleven Seven Music.

The Ending
Renegade Music
Not The Only One
Who Do You Trust?
Come Around
Feel Like Home
Top Of The World
I Suffer Well
Better Than Life

Jacoby Shaddix - Vocals
Jerry Horton - Guitars
Tobin Esperance - Bass
Tony Palermo - Drums

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