Hailing from Southampton, Emo Punk-Poppers SLACKRR emerged on the underground circuit in 2017, with a sound that emulates the feel-good summer vibes of radio-friendly rock acts such as Blink-182. The trio, who describe themselves as “One of the UK’s hardest working Pop Punk bands” are due to drop their debut EP ‘I Know’ on 30th January, limited to just 100 hand-signed copies!

The band begin by laying out their credentials with ‘Closest To Perfect’ - a hook-laden, riff-heavy, bouncy song that’s uncomplicated without being simplistic or predictable. Supersonic drumbeats early on inject the track with a thrashy urgency, but the melody soon explores interesting tempo changes that lend it depth and character. 

Breakneck beats make a keen return and take a more prominent place in title track ‘I Know’, contrasting with the heartfelt sensibilities of Scotty Perry’s vocals, until the two merge together harmoniously, culminating in an upbeat, sing-along chorus, which flies against a backdrop of unrelenting hard rock riffage. 

Sandwiched in the middle of the record, ‘Lights On’ widens our window onto the world of melodic nineties pop-punkness, and by the time we reach this halfway mark, there’s no denying that SLACKRR not only know who they are musically, but have songwriting smarts and an abundance of talent at their disposal too. 

Penultimate track ‘Lessons’ doesn’t stray from the tried and tested guitar-driven formula, but there’s a little surprise just around the corner as SLACKRR decide to close out with an acoustic interpretation of ‘Closest To Perfect’, thereby bookending the EP with the same song, done two different ways. The sentiment in the lyrics pierces through the chilled out strumming, as the band expand their sonic palette and indulge their softer side.

Overall, what SLACKRR have produced can be considered far more ‘new school’ than ‘old school’. Punk has had all of it’s spiky bits removed and has been meticulously cleaned and polished, making this an altogether poppier proposition. 

SLACKRR have achieved so much in such a short space of time, with countless UK shows under their belt and a long player expected in the summer, their proactive approach and boundless ambition are likely to win them more fans, which bodes well for the future of the UK’s underground music scene.


Slackrr are:

Scotty Perry - Guitar/Vocals
Caitlyn Bowyer - Bass/Vocals
Connor Gardiner – Drums



1.Closest To Perfect

2.I Know

3.Lights On


5.Closest to Perfect (acoustic version)


Watch the music video for ‘Lights On’ here:


Tour dates:

30th Jan – The Strings Bar, Newport (EP launch)

7th Feb – O’Neill’s, Watford

9th Feb – Working Men’s Club, Pilton

10th Feb – Bar 42, Worthing

16th Feb – The Castle, Luton

22nd Feb – Apple and Parrot, Torquay

23rd Feb – The Engine Rooms, London