THE GEAR - Secret That Lies Behind (Single)

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Hailing from Liverpool, gritty Alt-Rock quartet THE GEAR, who formed in May 2017, drop their new single ‘Secret That Lies Behind’ on 1st February 2019, succeeding last June’s debut track, ‘There’s A Place’.

Heavily influenced by old-school masters Led Zeppelin, Cream, The Rolling Stones and Pink Floyd, the young foursome underwent an involuntary hiatus last year after drummer Ben Wall was involved in a life-threatening accident. Having made a full recovery the band are now back on course and putting all their efforts into writing and performing together again, forging ahead with a resolute determination to make up for lost time.

‘Secret That Lies Behind’ is an intense, guitar-driven ear worm, in which Callum Thompson’s sensitive, moody vocals resonate with crystal clarity against a busy backdrop of ballsy riffage and thrashing drumbeats. A rise in tempo accompanied by a crushing guitar solo steal the show, but the impact is maintained through a subsequent deceleration and beautifully-executed melodic flourishes. With hooks and choruses to burn, this pedal-to-the-metal roller coaster of a single seems to fly by in no time, with Thompson’s wailing “Ahhhs” ringing out as the music settles and fades to a close.

This is an impressive, polished composition from an up and coming band who, barely out of their teens, are quickly emerging as one of Liverpool’s best kept secrets. THE GEAR have produced a stellar track here that could provide the breakthrough they so deserve. They have fine-tuned their sound since their last release and if they can maintain this level of quality in their future material, could soon find themselves on a fast track to rock stardom.

‘Secret That Lies Behind’ will be available digitally on most streaming platforms.

The Gear are:

Callum Thompson - Vocals & Guitar

Ben Harper – Lead Guitar

Jack Crone – Bass

Ben Wall - Drums



Photo Credit: Joe Conlon