METASOMA - Chapter II (EP)



Formed in 2009 in London by Polish Guitarists Misiek and Voytek, the band have gone through some line-up changes with the current line-up remaining unchanged since 2016, the band have released 2 EP’s and an LP and ‘Chapter II’ is METASOMA’s fourth release and I have to say it is really very good.  

The mix of styles throughout the EP sends your senses reeling into vibes of Death Metal, American Hard Rock and European Power Metal. 

Fronted by Vlad A. Iancu on vocals with Voytek Golbiak on lead guitar, Mishiek Es on rhythm guitar, Ben ‘Agro’ Spooner on bass guitar and Hugo Terva on drums, the band drive home the riffs and bring the bass and drums up through your toes into your head.  Memorable choruses and tidy hooks give each track something to get your ears around. 

Beginning with the title track, ‘Chapter II’, the low and snarling rhythm guitars and an anger to the vocal make this track an attention grabber.  Mixing up the styles with melody and harshness Vlad’s vocals really bring the whole thing together. ‘Dead Happy’ has machine gun drumming, another varied vocal full of aggression and melody and sits well alongside the opener.  

‘Just Breathe’ complete with a riff ripping solo takes the levels up to 11. Huge sing along chorus and an energy throughout which excites me. It’s heavy, pounding and grimy, all carefully layered into a blender and poured out into some sort of metal smoothie. Delicious and one to savour.

‘Never Fade’ has more of the hardcore rapid drumming, metallic sounding guitars, shouty lyrics spat out in a vitriolic aggression. Winding out into a more melodic chorus, it’s a track full of style. Heavy grooves crank up the interest together with more snarling vocals. It’s hard and heavy and really rather good.

‘Come As You Are’ a cover of the classic Nirvana song. Chugging bassline, slogging drums and growling guitars, its Nirvana crossed with Disturbed. An angsty feeling vocal matches the song nicely. As far as covers go this is good.  Changes in key and tempo give it a new life but as with any iconic songs, the debate starts as to whether you should actually change the song this much. 

No doubt that this is a good EP, the style is eclectic metal but somehow it all fits smoothly together to give a great listen. METASOMA are a band who will no doubt be able to bring the songs to life on the live stage, keep a look out and take a listen, you’ll be impressed.


Chapter II

Dead Happy

Just Breathe

Never Fade

Come As You Are (Nirvana cover)


Vlad A. Iancu - Vocals

Voytek Golbiak - Lead Guitars

Mishiek Es - Rhythm Guitars

Hugo Terva - Drums

Ben ‘Agro’ Spooner - Bass

‘Chapter II’ is available now in all the usual places.