DAMN DICE - Thriller Killer (Album)

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London-based DAMN DICE was formed in 2011 and started getting a lot of attention for their music which mixes current low tuning modern metal vibe with hard rock vocals, after releasing an EP in 2013 and debut album, ‘The Great Unknown’, in 2015. Both releases got great critical acclaim and built the band a fan base.


They describe themselves as unique - "too metal for the rockers, too catchy for the metal heads, too punk for the pop rockers, too heavy for the punks" - and it's certainly working for them as they worked with producer James Loughrey (Queen, Def Leppard) on the latest album, ‘Thriller Killer’, released December 2018.


If you haven't come across DAMN DICE before you're missing a treat. The only comparisons I'm truly happy with are Motley Crue and Van Halen; I can't fit their sound into a neat box, and while some tracks are a great example of the so-called 'new-wave' of classic rock, they stand apart from most of the bands under that banner. Their sound influenced by 80s and 90s rock but updated and fresh, and deliciously different to most of the other bands around in the UK right now.


My song of the album is 'Find Me', the last track on the record and for me the most "classic" melodic track on there. The song slows things down from the high energy of the rest of the album, starting with a warm and tantalizing intro which draws you in. This is stadium rock at its finest yet not at all dated, with emotive vocals accompanied beautifully with lush instrumentals . The hooks are addictive and the song weaves its way into your brain on first listen.


Another song I love, 'Thrill Of The Kill'  opens with the chords of the guitar, quickly joined by a huge rhythm section with chugging bass and pounding drums. Chock full of attitude and dirty riffs, this track smacks you square in the face. And you like it. In fact, you ask for more.


The album on the whole is Melodic Hard Rock, lots of heavy riffage and thunderous beats, but there are fun and catchy tracks interlaced, like the slightly sleazy 'What A Life', and there's a hint of punk to 'Blood & Tears'. All of the songs carry that recognizable sound and memorable cadence, making you grind your hips while you try to sing along (and fail! I don't have the lung capacity of Alex).

'Turn Back The Clock' is radio-friendly and could have real mainstream appeal, a funky groove and completely polished track which makes this listener astounded to hear that DAMN DICE remain unsigned.


In all, I really like this album, there are lots of guitar solos (and you know how I love that), the tracks have feeling and the lyrics meaning, and most of all you want to rock the f*** out and play it all over again.



Thrill of the Kill 

Stories I Write 

This Time 

Turn Back the Clock 

Leaving With Nothing 

Fire Below 

Got to Know 

Blood & Tears 

Back Again

Behind You 

What a Life 

Find Me

Damn Dice are:

Alex: Lead Vocals

Wallis : Lead Guitar/Backing Vocals

Diego: Rhythm Guitar/Backing Vocals

Marco: Bass Guitar/Backing Vocals

François: Drums/Backing Vocals


Website: http://www.damndice.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/damndice