Formed in 2010, Cornwall based trio WILLE AND THE BANDITS have built a solid reputation as a studio and live band drawing praise from esteemed luminaries including Jo Bonnamasa, Ian Paice and Francis Rossi.

This, their fifth studio album, consolidates their position as a potent force in contemporary music. Labelled as ‘Acid World Rock’ this tag only hints at the rich diversity of music on offer here.


‘One Way' is a powerful start to the album that opens with a slow blues guitar before exploding with a reverberating riff and soulful vocals from Wille Edwards. The track incorporates a chorus line that will stay with you for a long time and urges current world leaders to opt for peace rather than aggression find solutions to world issues. It’s a powerhouse opener with a refrain that will become a staple of live shows. ‘Make Love’ follows in a similar theme advocating hippy idealism to make love (not war), with a funky riff that repeats and resonates throughout the track.


The mood slows for ‘Four Million Days’ relating the painstaking quest to trace a parent, and features Matt Brooks’ captivating cello coupled with a hauntingly unshakable hook-lineIn stark contrastWatch You Grow’ chronicles the changes experienced by a new father as he lovingly observes his child’s development. To the backdrop of an Indian vibe intertwined with intricate percussion, the lyrics deliver an affectionate message without becoming overly sentimental.


How Long’ describes the struggle individuals have with depression. A tribute to Chris Cornell, it’s a reflective song delivered with evocative vocals accompanied by a haunting guitar. The in your face rock track and single release ‘Find My Way’ is one of the strongest numbers on offer and comes at you at a relentless pace, only slowing for a moody Andrew Naumann percussive break, accompanied by a lingering guitar, before exploding again for a final chorus.


The final number, ‘Retribution’, challenges the ethos of profit at the cost of the environment featuring thought-provoking lyrics and an impassioned slide guitar solo that ensures a powerful close to the album.


‘Paths’ is a strong and diverse collection of songs that show that WILLE AND THE BANDITS have moved to another level with their new album. The airplay being received for ‘Find My Way’ should help to widen their fan base and bring them the recognition they deserve. They are an accomplished group of performers pushing musical boundaries to deliver a distinctive collection of songs that defy mainstream categorization.


Wille And The Bandits:- 

Wille Edwards 

Lead Vocals

Electric and Acoustic Guitars

Electric Lap Steel


Electric Weissenborn

Matt Brooks

Six String Electric Bass

Five String Double Bass

Cello, String Arrangements

Backing Vocals.

Andrew Naumann

Drums, Djembes, Congas

Wood and Steel Tongue Drums

Udu, Shakers, Jews Harp

Backing Vocals