Formed at the start of 2017, Bournemouth’s bad birds BLACK TREE VULTURES swooped onto the hard rock scene and released their debut EP, Sanity Isn’t Perfect, in February 2018. A sprawling tour ensued, which saw the band play shows up and down the country, supporting the likes of seasoned high-flyers RYDERS CREED and HELLS GAZELLES, as well as European appearances in Holland, Germany and Belgium. On 25th January 2019, the quartet unleashed their hard-hitting new single ‘Bitter’, lifted from their eponymous sophomore EP, which is due to land on Friday 19th April.


Picking at the bones of melodic metal influences, ‘Bitter’ is a solid face-melter with a riff-heavy intro that could have been modelled on THE WILDHEARTS’ ‘Shame On Me’, but as soon as the thrashy drumbeats kick in, the fierce, no-nonsense nature of this beast is plainly revealed. Celyn Beynon’s muscular vocals impart powerful energy and the personal meaning behind the lyrics bleeds out through his passionate, aggressively spoken words; “You and me it’s no surprise, we cannot be ‘cuz of the lies, I hope you realise this to be true.  And now it’s time for you to go and empathy I will not show, don’t you realise it’s all for you.”


‘Bitter’ was written about the mistakes we make in life that we instantly regret and cannot repair. The song title describes the resulting outcome of those decisions and was composed with a self-loathing and anger at its heart. Deeper into the track, a sizzling, gutsy guitar solo forms a soaring climax, delivering a single that’s the embodiment of high-voltage rock and roll, fashioned with a talon-sharp, raw metal edge.


BLACK TREE VULTURES have fleshed out a meaty morsel of forceful, fist-clenching music that fans of classic heavy-hitters METALLICA and modern British bands such as KING CREATURE, will hungrily feast their ears on. With a whole host of shows already planned for this year, including BMAD Festival in May, a headline show at Potato Pants Festival in June and an appearance at Hard Rock Hell in November, Black Tree Vultures will be swiftly ascending the pecking order and circling their prey from dizzying heights.


Watch the official video for ‘Bitter’ here:


Black Tree Vultures are:

Celyn Beynon - Vocals
Aaron ‘Ham’ Hammersley - Guitar
James ‘Ched’ Cheeseman - Bass
Jonno ‘Animal’ Smyth - Drums