AT THE SUN - Leave Before The Light (Album)

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The British rock scene is in rather robust health at the moment, it seems like you can’t throw a stone without hitting another high quality hard rock band putting their own contemporary spin on the genre. Obviously, this is wonderful situation for those of us with an insatiable desire for rock, but there is a risk of over-saturation, which presents a problem for the bands; how do you stand out from the crowd? You could either do something markedly different from your peers, or you can focus on making sure your music is just too damn good to be ignored. On ‘Leave Before The Light’ it sounds like AT THE SUN have plumped for the latter.

Right off the bat this is a huge sounding record, each song is an arena-sized battering ram. The meaty riffs hit home with a surprising heaviness, yet they retain a crisp, clear, easy-on-the-ears sound, the thumping drums threaten to pin you to your seat, while the soaring vocals make you want to dance for joy. It’s plain to see that this is a set of songs that have been well-honed on the live circuit over the last couple of years. Any fat has been trimmed, any kinks ironed out, each song is precision engineered to get you moving. In fact, if ‘Leave Before The Light’ doesn’t have you itching to see AT THE SUN in the flesh then there’s a possibility you may be clinically dead. 

However, this precision also means that the songs tend to stick to a formula somewhat, an insistent riff kicks things off, a verse builds up to a big, earnest chorus, another verse, a solo, then power onto the end. Each track bounces along with enough energy to replace the national grid but it all becomes a little samey. Only the slightly slower groove of ‘Walk On Over’ and ‘Indestructible’ really vary the pace at all, but structurally they don’t differ hugely. Individually there isn’t a bad track on the album, and it’s so chock full of hooks that it never drifts anywhere near being dull, it would just be nice to see a band with such obvious talent throw in a couple of curve balls every now and then.

Ultimately for fans of big, bold rock songs there is more than enough here to satisfy your tastes, tracks like ‘Preacher’, ‘Devil In Your Eyes’ and, perhaps the best of the lot, ‘Renegade’ are the sort of A-grade anthems that would grace any band’s back catalogue and you’ll be hard pushed to find a more confident and competent debut album released this year. The promise is most definitely there and for the most part AT THE SUN fulfill it but overall ‘Leave Before The Light’ is a consistently very good album and is certainly well worth spending your hard-earned pennies on, it just lacks that little something extra to become truly special.

AT THE SUN are far too good to get lost in the crowd, but at this stage they are not quite breaking clear of the chasing pack, but it feels like it won’t be long before they’re leaving them in their dust.


Track Listing:

1.       Only A Fool

2.       Preacher

3.       Breathe

4.       Walk On Over

5.       Lay It On Me

6.       Lifetime

7.       Devil In Your Eyes

8.       Bite Your Tongue

9.       Indestructible

10.   Renegade

11.   Soak It Up

12.   Raise Your Glass



Harry Dale – Vocals

Alex Matthews – Bass

Chet Jogia – Lead Guitar

Craig Steen – Drums

Keiron Heavens – Rhythm Guitar


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