ACTS OF VENGEANCE is such a powerful and imposing name for a band that when I first saw it nestled amongst several others on the recent ‘Giants of Rock 2019’ line-up, it immediately caught my eye. After checking out the band’s impressive performance on the ‘Introducing’ stage, I had an opportunity to chat to lead guitarist Marty Mach to find out a bit more about the band and to review their most recent EP, ‘Rise Again’. 

Marty (ex-Ligature), Andrew Came (guitar) and Mike Reith (drums, ex-Baccus Ran) have played together for several years and actually started out playing as a Metallica tribute act called Metal Militia in London and the South East. They started to write their own songs and ended up recording those songs as their first ever EP. Andy then moved away from London for a while. Says Marty, “At this time we needed to find a voice for the band and Sam Tracii (ex H.O.S.T.) answered the call. We named ourselves ACTS OF VENGEANCE and recorded our debut album, ‘Slaves to Sin’, in 2016. Andy has now come back to the band and we recorded our follow up EP, ‘Rise Again’, together”. Sam had previously worked side of stage with some big names but knew he always wanted to be standing centre stage, and it seems he slotted right into the band with apparent ease.

Musically speaking, we wondered if what the band listen to influences their songwriting at all? Marty said, “We do listen to some of the traditional acts in rock and metal. At our heart, Sam is a G ’n’ R fan, Andy is a Maiden fan, Mike is a Metallica fan and I’m a Slayer fan. Our music merges these influences”. 

The four band members are spread out in different locations, which would usually pose a challenge when it came to songwriting in the traditional sense. Says Marty, “We need to do things slightly differently to most bands…we develop song ideas separately and share them online, then meet once a month to work on ideas. I think ‘Torn’ on our ‘Rise Again’ EP was written online and without us actually meeting to play together! That's song writing in the social media age! The thing is that we know each other so well that instinctively we know what each other will bring to the song writing process, so it works for us”.

The ‘Rise Again’ EP comprises of three tracks, beginning with ‘Torn’, which is a brooding song that brims over with melodious riffs, thundering drums and chugging bass lines, overlaid with atmospheric vocals. ‘When I Fall’ is an expressive song with classic riffs, galloping drums and passioned vocals. The guitar solos after the bridge change from delicate to brash in the blink of an eye and are absolutely blistering. ‘Rise Again’ is the most intense of the three tracks and is an exhilarating, riotous ride. Brutal drums and resonating bass provide a powerful, driving rhythm with the dual lead guitars perfectly wrapped around the vocals. The three quite different songs on this EP show the complex creativity and diversity within the band as far as songwriting is concerned. 

The band are currently working towards their sophomore album, also entitled ‘Rise Again’, as the EP is a precursor to the full album. We asked Marty what we can expect to hear and also what the goal is for this year. He said, “Watch this space! The ‘Rise Again’ album is so close. We have most of the songs written, we just need to finish off writing and recording them, do some video singles and play some great shows! Hopefully we will have something done in the summer. We've got some great tracks on there such as ‘Where do the Angels Lie’. The demo tracks we have are very exciting. Properly epic! We're looking forward to 2019!”. In the meantime, look out for the band at the venues below!

Band members:-
Sam Tracii - vocals/bass
Marty Mach - lead guitar
Mike Reith - drums
Andrew Came - lead guitar

‘Rise Again’ Track Listing:-
1. Torn
2. When I Fall
3. Rise Again

Catch ACTS OF VENGEANCE live here:-
11/05 - Leicester, Victoria Bikers
24/05 - Southampton, The Hobbit
24/08 - Cambridgeshire, Melbourne Rock Club (Reaperfest)