POMPADOUR – Violet (Single)



The future is violet. The new single from Indie trio POMPADOUR is out now on iTunes, Google Play and all major streaming platforms. POMPADOUR is a British rock band, formed in Bristol in early 2018 after college friends Tamsin (vocals, bass) and Kearney (guitar) left their previous band and created their own project along with best friend and drummer Toby. In June 2018, they released their debut single 'Absinthe', which proved popular with listeners and reviewers, and they follow that up with their most recent single, 'Violet' which was released on 14th February 2019, and is a tale of unrequited love.


This is a punchy, catchy track with great exuberance and vibrancy, moody but up-tempo and almost cheerful in parts. The drums are strong and the song is vocal-led but at around 2 minutes the pace changes slightly and the mood turns darker, the guitars kicking up a notch to match the change in temperature. It's an insanely addictive song which I find myself singing at the most opportune times and despite the 90s Indie vibe it's fresh and exciting and they've carved out a new sound of their own. I love this. It's fun, it's dark and incredibly relatable.

If Indie is your thing then make sure you check this band out. "Violet, Violet" is my new Valerie...

Pompadour are:

Tamsin Sayers - Vocals/Bass

Kearney Day - Guitar

Toby Holbrook - Drums