BLACK WHISKEY - Dry Bones (Album)

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BLACK WHISKEY’s first album, 'Heavy Train', was released in 2015 and received glowing reviews but tragedy hit and Kev was diagnosed with cancer, so plans were put on hold to focus on his recovery, and they will release their 2nd album ‘Dry Bones’ on Friday 12 April  2019, through Heavy Star Records.

"Songwriting, rehearsals and recording for the new album have all needed to be worked around treatment plans and just the ability to function. But, the band are a tight-knit unit and have worked through these challenges to produce a hard-hitting album."

Having had the opportunity to listen to the new album before release I can tell you that you will not be disappointed as this is a monster comeback, a good mix of calm and storm with plenty of dirty riffs and attitude blasting in your direction. In fact I'd go as far as saying that it's going to be one of the better albums of the year.

Straight out of the gates is the title track with a stormy opening (literally) before the music explodes through the speakers, deep and pounding with a sexy deep vocal. The riffs are catchy and the track is completely whiskey-soaked, in that I feel like I should be drinking JD while listening and also that I'm a little unaware of what has hit me afterwards... The vocals are sultry with the solid classic rock track 'King of the Blind' and the heavier feel of 'Cheat the Hangman' brings dirty riffs in a strong and inspiring track with a hardy and resilient demeanour, and the guitars are simply aflame in one of the stand-out tracks for me.

The vocals on 'Bitter Pill' are rich and warm, still oozing sex appeal, and the bass vibrates through your hips. No filler yet folks as we kick into 'Baptise Me' with a headbanging rhythm, gruffer vocals and packed with heart and soul. At around 2 minutes there's a dance interlude where you can get your freak on!

'Here to Stay' is another stand out song for me with a melodious guitar opening which then erupts into a loud and proud heavy rock track with a gnarly bass so powerful it is earth-trembling. The vocals rise and fall with the swell of the music and this album continues to really demonstrate the power of those vocal chords.

There is more grinding of the hips and rumbling bass lines with 'Timebomb' and 'Mirror Lies', and the drums in 'Burning Bridges' will blow your mind (and possibly a fuse) live.

By now I don't want the album to end, it seems to build pace with every track and my absolute favourite on the album is 'Ends of the Earth', a funky beat layered with melodious guitars which would be a super cool Bond theme IMO. It's exciting and invigorating, exhilaratingly capricious and quirky. The album closes with the divine 'Black Water' and what a ride it's been. Again!


FFO Rainbow, Deep Purple, Motley Crue. Make sure you check this album out, I'm looking for tour dates in Yorkshire as I type... A true must have.

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Black Whiskey are:

Simon Gordon - Vocals

Kev Ingles - Guitar

Rich Bannister - Drums

Craig Nabbs - Bass