THE BLOOD REPUBLIC - What You're Waiting For (Single)




This is a mash up of when THE BLOOD REPUBLIC went on a bizarre date with MARILYN MANSON, SLIPKNOT, RAMMSTEIN and DEPECHE MODE (yes, you read that right) and this deep and dark child made in darkness at an alter for deep thinking metal heads, is their offspring. If you don’t believe me, close your eyes and listen. 

THE BLOOD REPUBLIC describe themselves as grunge, alternative rock and metal. I think they should throw in a bit of Emo as well.

‘What You’re Waiting For’, is the second single from debut album, ‘Into the Earth’, released on the 2nd February. The fourth single is due for release on the 28th of February.

Zak Muller’s vocals are haunting and creepy (in a good way of course), sending you on a conflicting journey by not knowing if you want to sprawl out on the couch and get lost listening to it or writhe around a dark room as if in a hypnotic worshiping type trance, oblivious to everything else but Zak’s voice.

When you are listening to this song and all it’s layers, it’s difficult to believe that Muller is the only person involved – vocals, production, artwork, videos; keen to avoid any external influences. His previous band, WILD LIES have appeared at Download several times and also toured with British legends, IRON MAIDEN, so it’s safe to say his knowledge and experience is blatantly obvious here and throughout the rest of the album. 

If this is the first time you have heard THE BLOOD REPUBLIC, you will want more and happily, the album ‘Into the Earth’ was released earlier this month. You can find it on our #NewMusicFriday 01.02.19 playlist alongside other new releases here


Zak Müller – vocals and everything


You can buy the 12 track album here: