PROJECT REDSHIFT – Crossfire (Single)



As the title suggests, ‘Crossfire’ is about war. This is PROJECT REDSHIFT’s second single, released early January, following ‘Serenity’ last year. In just a few months, you can hear the maturity in the vocals and the commitment to quality sound.

The video depicts the guys in blood stained torn t-shirts in a dark basement, which gives the song a strong backdrop to drive their message home – “caught in the crossfire, where nobody can hear the scream. You weren’t the intended target, but the damage is all the same.”

It’s not easy to put your beliefs to music without sounding a bit cheesy or a rant no matter what the topic, but ‘Crossfire’ nails it. Josh Tunnicliffe could have opted to scream out the lyrics in anger, but instead he ensures that you will hear what he is saying. You will sing to it and anyone who has lost someone in wars anywhere, may even get a bit emotional. The quality production on this track is brilliant, giving weight to the strong riffs and drummer James Turner is perfect.

‘Crossfire’ could be the track that deservedly will launch the band and I’m looking forward to seeing where it will take them.

Get ‘Crossfire’ here:

PROJECT REDSHIFT are a three-piece rock band from Lincolnshire, established in 2016 and their music has been praised by BBC Introducing, Discovered Magazine & A&R Factory, and they have joined line ups underneath headliners The Hoosiers and Fickle Friends.

Josh Tunnicliffe - Guitar/Vocals

Pete Thickett - Bass/Vocals

James Turner - Drums

Catch Project Redshift in:

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