DESERT CLOUDS - Speed Of Light (Single)



DESERT CLOUDS are a four-piece band based London and their bio makes for some interesting and somewhat over-dramatic, reading (check out and it brought a smile to my face, perhaps for the wrong reasons. However, they admit it took time to find their own genre even though it was as a result of several line-up changes. 

Bands have to experiment to discover the sound that makes them happiest to give to the public and this psychedelic stoner style rock they have produced with the ‘Speed of Light’, would make Einstein proud.

The dramatic undertones, the blood stained clothes, the tormentors and traumatised leading man, gives ‘Speed of Light’ a post-apocalyptic despondent feeling, that is intensely hypnotic. 

To some extent, this track reminded of the introduction the soundtrack for the film 28 Days Later and if you are sitting at home alone on a dark, stormy night listening to ‘Speed of Light’, you might find yourself staring out the window, looking out for the bad guys, the hair on the back of your neck stand up, afraid to leave the room in case you miss a chord. 

The track is full of contradictions; it’s early grunge yet contemporary, simple yet complex; ultra-cool and damn hot. 

 ‘Speed of Light’ is on their new album, ‘Nothing Beyond the Cage’, available on

Desert Clouds next play The Lounge, Nightclub Kolis in the on 29th March

The band:

David Land

Val L Wallace

Julius Caesar

Andrea Orabona