FUGITIVE - The Awakening (Album)




If you like Rainbow, Europe and 80s Bon Jovi, you'll like the new album from FUGITIVE, 'The Awakening', which is out 5th April. The album is peppered with velvety vocals and cool riffs, with guitar solos aplenty and a solid drum beat throughout. 

Tracks like 'Serendipity' and 'The Weekend' demonstrate the melodious vocals, great harmonies and real authentic classic melodic rock. 'Light It Up' screams 80s and AOR, a real feel good track with a catchy beat. 'All Fired Up' introduces a bluesy soulful feel, a different sound to the vocals, more urgent and in your face, and with a big chorus.

There are several ballads or power ballads on the album and a couple of stand outs: 'Two Hearts' is littered with beautiful harmonies and a chorus that invades your conscious and sticks with you; 'Standing at the Edge' is a pure 80s stadium ballad a la Bon Jovi and with a stunning guitar solo.

The slightly left-field 'Moonshine' tickles my fancy with its funky beat and inspired lyrics - 'a cup of tea is the new JD', and one of the heavier tracks on the album 'Payback' is all out ballsy with chugging guitars - much more my bag than the power ballads.

Stand out tracks for me on the album are 'Slave to Love' and 'Race the Rain'. 'Slave to Love' starts promisingly with a howl and launches straight into killer drums and fast riffs. An edgier track with a slight punkish vibe in places, this makes you take notice and give the music your full attention and wouldn't be out of place on The Lost Boys remake soundtrack, 5 and a half minutes of gorgeous hard rock. The 'Eye of the Tiger' inspired 'Race the Rain' is a bunch of skilful musicians putting their stamp on a well-loved classic tune. There's a stylish guitar piece about midway and at 3 and a half minutes the track kicks up a notch, becoming more impassioned. It's emotive, soul-searching and inspirational; "race the rain, ride the wind..." Addictive.

There's a lot to like about the album, and the band are clearly talented and have thrown their heart and soul into it. If you don't like classic or melodic rock, you won't like it. Simple as that really. If you do, then this is right up your street so take a punt and try it out.


Fugitive are: 

Michael Angel - Vocal / 2nd Guitar

Ranko 'Chip' Veltro - Lead Guitar

David Steele - Bass 

AL Catraz - Drums