SUZI QUATRO - No Control (Album)




With over 50 years in the business and 50 million albums sold worldwide, SUZI QUATRO is definitely doing something right. The Glam Rocker is back with her brand-new album ‘No Control’ which is scheduled for release on 29th March through SPV/Steamhammer as a CD digipak and 2LP gatefold. You’ll also be able to download it too. 

This eleven-track album does not sit in one particular genre, it flits between many. The backbone of the album has a rock and 4/4 Rhythm and Blues vibe interspersed with songs with big brass sections and even Calypso steel drums! 

The Glam Rock era of the 70s has long since passed and it’s a genre that’s not transcended down to new generations in the same way Punk has, for example. Suzi has taken her musical roots and adapted and reinvented herself accordingly, harnessing parts of her Glam heritage and adapting her musical style with a more contemporary edge, as well as dive-bombing into songs with a strong Blues backbone where Suzi feels right at home. 

There are many influences throughout the album which draws creative inspiration from artists such as: ZZ Top, The Mavericks and Queens of the Stone Age. This is a varied and mixed celebration of musical contemporaries, however, the strength and conviction in how the songs are played is true to Suzi’s roots. The songs are mostly a collaboration between Suzi and her son Richard Tuckey which clearly worked well, and Suzi has been able to tap directly into her son’s generation and get honest opinions on how best to adapt the music to capture the interest of a younger generation.

The opening song ‘No Soul-No Control’ kicks in and does not waste time with long intros…Suzi vocal punches you right in the ears. The overall mix is perfectly balanced, and each instrument has perfect clarity. The song is a great opening to the album. It’s clear that the production on the album is high-end and each song has been designed to maximise the talents of the musicians. Overall, the album will no doubt appeal to die-hard Quatro fans who will hopefully appreciate the diversity in her approach and her eclectic musical styles. 

Next up is a track called ‘Going Home’ which has a Blues feel with a chuggy guitar riff, following on the tradition of 4/4 blues. Other highlights on the album are the song ‘Strings’which is a rather peculiar song, but it has a rocking vibe with brass section and piano which does sound a million miles away from the historic Quatro sound that made her famous with songs like 1973s ‘Can the Can’. ‘Strings’ takes a few listens to let it sink in, but when it does, it’s a repeat offender on the stereo! 

Another notable musical diversion is the track ‘Love Isn’t Fair’ which has a Jimmy Buffet feel about it with steel drums and Calypso swing beat. One can picture sun kissed beaches and sipping tropical cocktails down at Margheritaville! There is a contradiction as Calypso music has an upbeat, warm feel however this song is the opposite in that’s it’s melancholy lyrics oppose the upbeat music which makes for an interesting song. ‘Macho Man’ is a Blues based track which sounds good and immediately gets you tapping your toe and before you know it, banging your head! 

‘Easy Pickings’ could be the soundtrack to riding across America, hitching a ride on a freight train. The song has a wailing harmonica and drumming with soft brushes as opposed to wooden sticks which gives it a raw, country edge. What I’m saying is that there’s something for everyone, young and old in this album.

Suzi is known for her stellar live performances and you can see Suzi and her band this April in the U.K. as she kicks off her tour on 4th in Manchester. Sadly, this ten-date tour does not include any Scottish dates. Whether you’re a Quatro fan or not, this album is so versatile. You’d be hard pressed not to find a track that appeals. If you like good music with high-end production, then go and check it out.