MATT MITCHELL & THE COLDHEARTS - Matt Mitchell & The Coldhearts (Album)



MATT MITCHELL & THE COLDHEARTS’ debut single, ‘Black Diamonds’ has been getting a fair amount of airplay on rock radio and creating a decent amount of buzz for the band. It’s easy to see why too, a high quality, high energy blues rocker with a generation spanning appeal, it is the sort of song that catches your ear immediately and builds to a glorious, catchy chorus. As the opening song on their self-titled album it sets the bar high, but it soon becomes apparent that this is no outlier on an album packed full of impeccable tunes.

It’s difficult to pick out the stand out tracks because basically the album is just one long highlight. A fact made all the more impressive by the diversity on display here, the changes are subtle and woven perfectly into the albums overall tapestry, but each song offers something different and each listen throws up something you missed the time before. Whether it’s the big rock sound of ‘On & On’ or ‘Wave Goodbye’, or the shimmering pop of ‘Dare You To Watch’, the blues grit of ‘Unavailable’ or the late night lament of ‘Old Enough & Ugly Enough’ the band never falter and the quality never dips. 

There is real depth to the songs too, lyrically intelligent, without being obtuse and Matt Mitchell’s emotive vocals are full of character and charisma. It feels as if every moment of every track has been honed to perfection, this is not a random collection of songs thrown together, but it also doesn’t come across as over polished or sterile. There is a warmth to the songs that envelopes you and enough raw energy to fire you up. It is a beautifully paced and well-constructed album. 

In fact, the whole thing is a testament to Matt Mitchell’s talent and craftsmanship as a songwriter. Each tune is layered and textured, and the musicianship is superb but not showy, the guitar licks stand out but never overshadow the songs. And really it is all about the songs. ‘Everything To You’ is the kind of track U2 wish they could still write, there are hints of Springsteen, Brendan Benson, Burning Sound and even the occasional glimpse of Ginger Wildheart’s more reflective solo output. And yet it never sounds derivative or contrived and in truth MATT MITCHELL & THE COLDHEARTS sound like nothing but themselves and that’s a rather wonderful thing indeed. 

This really is a very classy affair; a record without a duff track on it, full of songs of rare quality that come together to form an album that stands head and shoulders above its peers. It is a sumptuous piece of work, a triumph of song writing and an early contender for album of the year. In short ‘Matt Mitchell & The Coldhearts’ is nothing short of a masterpiece.

Track Listing:

  1. Black Diamonds

  2. Home

  3. On & On

  4. Dare You To Watch

  5. Kings & Queens

  6. Unavailable

  7. Do You Wanna Be My God

  8. Old Enough & Ugly Enough

  9. Wave Goodbye

  10. Everything To You

  11. Keep Me Safe

  12. Waiting For The Sun

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