Here at DTF Towers we receive so many requests from bands to review their music that even with our dedicated team of hopeless music addicts it would be impossible to cover them all. However, as a popular sportswear brand once sloganeered: Impossible is Nothing. Now that makes neither literal or grammatical sense, but you get the gist. So, with this slightly garbled statement in mind we embarked on a mission to let no independent band go unreviewed, and we shall not rest until our job is done. (Well maybe we’ll rest a little bit, we’re not machines, damn you.) 

So, without further ado we present to you our first batch of Independent Shorts:


HELLDOWN - The Watchers: You want old skool thrash? You got old skool thrash. Swansea four-piece HELLDOWN provide a Bay Area style banger that doesn’t so much hint at an appreciation of Slayer as scream it from the rooftops, but by God they do it well. The sort of track that could start a circle pit in an empty room, if this doesn’t get your head banging then nothing will.

Helldown are:

Rhythm Guitar - Matthew Evans
Bass Guitar & Vocals - Ben Evans
Drums - Ross Thomas
Lead Guitar - Lewis Larkman

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EDGEOVEREDGE - Mountain Breather / The Prince & The Prophet: A double whammy of tunes from America’s Midwest here. Mountain Breather is a slow, doom-tinged slab of metal built around a big, fat riff and sinister, almost whispered vocals. It’s a bass heavy beast that displays a surprising groove and swing beneath its dark visage. The Prince & The Prophet displays a lighter touch coming on like Audioslave jamming with Clutch. It maintains the sludgy vibe and is again centred around a fine bit of riffage but in the space of two songs have managed to display an impressively varied touch.

M.Austin – Vocals / Guitar

Zach Lyon: Drums / Vocals

Quentin Austin: Bass / Vocals

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Till the Fall - Le Cirque Des Damnés - Single artwork.jpg

TILL THE FALL - Les Cirque des Damnés: If you've ever wondered what it would sound like if Guns n’ Roses covered Iron Maiden covering Alice Cooper then look no further (and perhaps get out more). Till The Fall’s high energy gallop and wonderfully sleazy vocals comes with a heavy dose of shock rock melodrama and an irresistible lure. As they say in the song itself; just sit back and enjoy the show. If this tune is anything to go by the circus of the damned sounds like a hell of a night out.

Till The Fall are:

Alex Bayley – Drums/Backing Vocals

Joel Bayley – Synths/Backing Vocals

Ricki Dunne – Guitars/Backing Vocals

The Wraith – Bass/Backing Vocals

Danny Wenlock – Guitars/Backing Vocals

Cal Whittaker – Lead Vocals/Keys/Programming

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RISE OF THE FALLEN - And So It Begins: It kicks off with a none-more-Sabbath riff and they have a vocalist who sounds like he chews gravel for fun but beyond the dense rumble they display a surprising lightness of touch in their guitar work that draws you in and sets them apart from the crowd. It’s not what you’d call conventionally catchy, but it has a dark, insidious groove that lodges itself in your brain. If that sounds like your kind of thing, then you could do a lot worse than checking this lot out. 

Rise of the Fallen are:

Liam Paul - Vocals
Kenny Gray - Guitar
Ryan Macmaster - Bass

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So, there you have it, four bands, five songs and a whole lot of awesomeness for you to sink your teeth into. Keep your eyes peeled though, because now we’ve got a taste for it we’ll be flashing our shorts at you whenever we can…