D'SPAYRE - Rise Up (EP)




D’SPAYRE are a four-piece Canadian heavy rock band who have punched out their debut EP, getting stuck into the system and possibly anti-establishment (who isn’t?). 

FYI, D’spayre is a bad guy in Marvel comics who all the good guys fight – so we now have the anti-establishment bad boys from Ontario!

What stands out for me on all four tracks are the guitarists, ranging from heavy riffs, grunge, punk, frequently changing tempo and lyrical, soaring melodies. When I listen to it from start to finish, I get the feeling that the band really enjoyed recording this and it’s as much about them as it is about making music for fans. 

The four tracks are ‘Beautiful Day’, ‘Imaginary Lines’, ‘D’Spayre’ and ‘Crimson King’.

‘Beautiful Day’ is short, punchy and definitely like something from the beginning of the punk era, with a contradictory title and I have visions of pogoing around the place to this one with Sid Vicious joining in.

I’m a sucker for bass and when the intro is followed by a cool, heavy thumping guitar riff, as it is on ‘Imaginary Lines’, I’m happy. This is a slower, darker, nod your head track that builds steadily to even more sweet guitar and all the guys singing or perhaps chanting to unify the nation and my favourite track vocally.

Getting stuck into system next on ‘D’Spayre’. Great heavy guitar riffs with lead and rhythm working perfectly together leading to a change in tempo. If you are anti-establishment and object to the few controlling the world’s riches, this is the one for you.

The EP closes with ‘Crimson King’. Again, the heavy riffs complimented by soaring guitar and when I read the bio explaining the origin of the song, I was actually impressed that they didn’t quite know where the song was going when it was written at first and after a discussion, it felt like an ode to a gunslinger, albeit in homage to one of Stephen King’s characters.

To sum up, I liked this EP, not just because of the music and guitars (did I mention guitars before?), but because there is a message in every song, especially ‘Imaginary Lines’ and people should listen to it and take it on board.


The band:

Jeff Powell – Lead Guitar/Vocals

Mike Rennie – Rhythm Guitar

Kenny Rogers – Drums 

Julian Bancroft – Bass/Vocals

Brandon Powell – Live Bass