TIDALWAVE is one man's goal (Dean Schweitzer) to create "a musical tidal wave that overwhelms listeners with power, heaviness, and emotions". Based in Berlin via the UK and America, TIDALWAVE have played in some of the best venues across Europe supporting Tremonti, Hoobastank and Three Days Grace amongst others. Their 3-track EP '1992' is out now.

The title track '1992' has over 25k views on YouTube and is a monster of a track, both melodic and grungy, cleverly textured so that the music tells the story alongside the lyrics. The vocals are sensual and the music is colossal, a huge sound with deep, throbbing beat and absorbing riff.

'Saturate' is a the heaviest track on the EP, the melodious vocals building to a metalcore growl, starting soft but rising in both depth and girth, growing in confidence and attitude. On first hearing this track I decided it was my favourite. Then I heard the others and they are my favourites. It's impossible to choose! This is a seriously addictive earworm with balls of steel; "now just fuck off and go..." Love it!

'The Ride' features waves of a deep grumbling groove with emotional vocals and pounding drums, generating a rich, warm sound. Catchy repetitive lyrics and powerful riffs are prominent and this is yet another stellar track.

I love this EP and hope to share it far and wide. It's a great alt rock mix, something for the grunge lovers and metal-heads alike, which catches you from the start and doesn't let you go.