HELLS ADDICTION have been kicking around for a while now, their debut album ‘Raise Your Glass’ was released way back in 2013, (still available from their website at a bargain price),and was followed by ‘Broken’ three years later. 

Now another three years have passed, and thankfully it’s time for some more new music, unfortunately it only takes the form of a four track EP. But fans of the band will certainly bite the hand off for this small morsel to console themselves and prepare them for the upcoming Spring tour.

Hailing from Leicester, and influenced by the likes of Airbourne and Skid Row, the hard rock riffs bring back memories of classic rock bands, and join the recent resurgence of rock bands currently storming the barricades and kicking aside the mediocre television show influenced wannabe’s.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but there was a promised EP last year supposed to feature the singles ‘On Fire’ and ‘We’re on the Road Again’ that I’ve never managed to trace, so I was hoping that those two tracks might have been incorporated into this new EP.

‘V1.0’ bursts to life from the start as ‘Free Your Mind’ opens with a series of short catchy riffs before the gritty scream from Sargent strips the paint from the walls and gets the party started. Full of hooks and guitars switching from riff to solos in the blink of an eye, this makes the long wait more worthwhile.

‘Masking the Pain’ follows in a similar vein of big guitar rock ‘n roll, with the vocals sliding into a sleazy growl at times. The original version was to be reworked before release, but it sounds fine just the way it is with its’ crowd encouraging ‘woo aaahs’.

The influence of eighties ballads emerges in the track ‘If Time Stood Still’, and wouldn’t have been out of place in the sets of big hair bands such as the Scorpions, Bon Jovi or even Whitesnake, and allows Sargent to actually sing instead of growl for a change. There’s even a steel guitar intro and a touch of Van Halen thrown in for good measure.

Final track ‘Running Away’ is again back to the rock, although another unique and new track, is full of familiar riffs and beats that not only bring back memories of classic rock, but also perhaps share the influences that have inspired newer bands such as Rum Runners, Gin Annie and City of Thieves.

Existing fans of the band will love the EP, but will no doubt be left wanting more. Whereas fans of classic rock, and any hard rocking Aussie influenced sounds will definitely have their ears tuned into Hell’s Addiction in the future.



1. Free Your Mind

2. Masking The Pain

3. If Time Stood Still

4. Running Away


Hell’s Addiction are:

Ben Sargent - Vocals

Liam Sargent - Guitar

Dan Weir - Guitar

Jason Green - Bass

Luke Morley - Drums