AIDEN HATFIELD is a musician from Leeds who has played in various bands, most recently in the melodic punk four-piece utoXator, who played their final gig in September 2018. He’s also a passionate mental health advocate and does incredible work in raising funds for the Mind charity, through donating 50% of profits from his fantastic clothing brand ‘In Music We Trust’ ( 

Aiden openly suffers with depression and is prolific on social media, raising awareness about the subject and encouraging others to be open about their mental health issues, including holding a weekly live stream to enable his followers to interact with him and each other and answering questions about music, mental health and anything else that is brought up. Aiden is now embarking on his first project as a solo musician, an EP aptly titled ‘Chapter One’ is released on 15th March 2019 on IMWT Records and has already reached #1 on Amazon Music’s ‘Digital Rock Album’ Chart through pre-sale orders. 

The first song on ‘Chapter One’ is the lead single ‘This is Never Ending’, which was released on 18th January. Initial crashing drums and swaggering riffs give way to Aiden’s soulful vocal that rises into a more dramatic chorus, the instrumentation really picking up the pace, soaring with an energetic hard rock vibe. The song ebbs and flows intensely, until a fierce flowing guitar solo leads to some spoken words under the last chorus, the last line of which fully drives the message home - “You need to not bring yourself down when you feel that way”. 

‘Say it Again’ has a real earworm of a chorus that is the first thing you hear, “Is this goodbye, will we pretend, we will never believe you, we will never see you again”. Magnificent punchy drums and ballsy bass make a cracking combination on this melodic track. Big bracing guitar licks are the prefect backdrop to Aiden’s tortured vocal. 

The beginning of ‘I Never Cared’ sounds slightly discordant at first, but leads into an upbeat chorus that sounds impossibly happy, possibly at odds with the title, but the more I listen to it, the more I like the sound. There’s a lot going on, thundering drums, playful guitar licks and as with the previous songs, Aiden’s vocals are clear and emotive. 

‘Fallen to Pieces' begins with a gently strumming guitar and as the song progresses, the vocals build and get more intense. This is a hypnotic song that ebbs and flows throughout. The lyrics sound intensely personal “Do you think I’d ever care if you were never there do you think I’d never chase you down…there is nothing you can say or do, to bring me closer to you, there is no other way, no other time no other place, to bring me closer to you”. The violently intense riffs and galloping drums help reinforce the message. 

To round off the EP is the incredibly catchy ‘This Horror in Me’ with pounding drums, chugging riffs, harmonious layered vocals in places, a big tension-filled rock voice in others. This song is rammed full of killer riffs and big crunchy walls of guitars. It’s the perfect way to end this first offering from the talented musician and public figure.

These five songs are written with intelligence and accomplished musicianship, passion, thought and emotion, and drawing on personal experience, giving each instrument time to shine. Aiden will be taking to the road at the end of March and the tour continues throughout April. He’ll be backed up by a live band, and I can’t wait to see these songs, and hopefully more, interpreted live.

‘Chapter One’ track listing:-
This is Never Ending
Say it Again
I Never Cared
Fallen to Pieces
This Horror in Me 

Tour dates:-
22 March - Brighton, Northfield Bar
24 March - London, Tamesis Dock
29 March - Huddersfield, The Parish
30 March - Northampton, The Lab
05 April - Swansea - Crowleys Rock Bar
06 April - Bath, St James Wine Vaults
07 April - Bristol, The Blue Lagoon
12 April - Sheffield, FirePit Rocks
13 April - Newcastle - Bar Loco
20 April - Reading, The Facebar (Retreat Fest)
21 April - Leeds, Verve Bar

Naomi Jeremiah