POMPADOUR - Oh, Honey! (Single)




On 26th April, the Bristol-based indie-rock trio POMPADOUR are set to drop their sophomore single ‘Oh, Honey!’, hot on the heels of their 14th February debut release ‘Violet’. The band, whose sonic style has been compared to the likes of the Arctic Monkeys and The Last Shadow Puppets, comprises Tamsin Sayers on vocals and bass, Kearney Day on guitar and new member Rob Beresford on drums. Since forming in January 2018, the band have played shows across Britain, including supporting The Seamonsters on their UK tour and performed on the Discovery Stage at Bristol Harbour Festival last summer.

Whilst the band’s first single ‘Violet’ was a tale of unrequited love (I wonder whether the Valentine’s Day release was deliberate), ‘Oh, Honey!’ is a love song about how the right person can have such a massive effect on your mood and disposition, bringing out the fun-loving, crazy and energetic side of your nature. The track starts slow but warms up within seconds to become an upbeat, up-tempo, jangly song with a strong melody and a catchy chorus. ‘Oh, Honey!’ exhibits more of a carefree, less moody character than her older sister ‘Violet’, although she retains an alluring feistiness.

Tamsin Sayers’ deep vocals soar as she reaches for the words “You are the best kind of crazy”… Three and a half minutes later, it feels like I’ve known and loved this quintessentially British, retro-sounding song since the ‘90s. With two well-crafted singles to their name, plus an early demo track ‘Absinthe’, POMPADOUR have already stamped their own personality on their music, embodying a bold, vibrant-yet-gritty vibe which is further invigorated by down to earth, relatable lyrics. I’m really looking forward to hearing more from this young band and seeing how they blossom and develop with their subsequent material, but ‘Oh, Honey!’ is a very sweet start.

The track will be available to purchase on iTunes, Amazon and Google Play, and will be available for streaming on Spotify, Apple Music, and other major platforms.


Pompadour are:

Tamsin Sayers - Vocals/Bass
Kearney Day - Guitar
Rob Beresford - Drums