GORILLA RIOT - Half Cut (Single)

Gorilla Riot - Half Cut - coverart.png



GORILLA RIOT are a five-piece, dirty rock n’ roll blues machine, that just keeps on rolling thanks to signing up last year to Off Yer Rocka Records. The deal they have is for two albums, the first of which will be due out later this year and until then, we have a taster in the form of latest single ‘Half Cut’, which is currently available on most streaming platforms, and digitally in the usual places also.


Pretty much carrying on where previous EP ‘American Honey Vol 1’ left off, ‘Half Cut’ is a dark, heavy, southern, riff-filled song, full of one liners with short, sharp visualisations of drink-fuelled portents of bad luck and bad news. The three guitars give a lot of meatiness to their music, and Bhishmas’ vocals still sound more Alabama than Manchester, giving that distinctive fuzzy southern Americana sound that GORILLA RIOT are becoming renowned for. 


Halfway through the track, the vocals end, and the rest of the single is carried to the end by the three-pronged guitar assault by Charly, Liam and Arjun. Plenty of stage time and practice has managed to make this combination flow nicely along to its conclusion.


Playing in Europe throughout April, before returning to the UK in the summer for a comprehensive tour, and quite a few festivals, there should be plenty opportunity to see GORILLA RIOT live this year in the lead up to the promised new album.


Gorilla Riot are:

Arjun Bhishma (vocals/guitar)

Liam Henry (guitar/vocals)

James Degnen (bass)

Charly T. (guitar/vocals)

David Thomas (drums)