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A lazy Susan of listening pleasure...I’m not even sorry.  


SPRING IN COMA - Near: For most people South American metal begins and ends with Sepultura, but dig deeper, or indeed cross the border into Chile (I know, I know, they don’t share a border, but what’s a Bolivia between friends?) and you’ll find a handful of truly exciting new bands ready to impose themselves on the wider world. SPRING IN COMA being one of them. ‘Near’ is a sweeping, grandiose epic of post-black metal, beautifully juxtaposing a big, heavy riff; growled vocals and almost shoegazey atmospherics. It’s six and a half minutes of majestic modern metal, epic in scope and executed with an assured confidence.


Spring In Coma are:

Claudio – Lead Vocals / Rhythm Guitar

Jarys – Lead Guitar / Clean Vocals

Fernando – Bass

Erik - Drums


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MYSTIEK - Shut Up: From the rather less exotic surroundings of the West Midlands come MYSTIEK with a sound that’s as unusual as their name. ‘Shut Up’ is a funky, staccato blast; all stop-start rhythms and half-rapped vocals that’s hard to pin down to any one style. At times it feels like Anthrax jamming with Faith No More with a classic metal undercurrent trying to burst through. And just as you think you’re getting to grips with it there’s a cry of “shut up!” and it stops. And all that’s left to do is play the whole damn thing again. And again.


Mystiek are:

Josh 'Prex' Dallas – Guitar/Vocals
Mikey Done – Lead Guitar
Lewis Smith -  Bass
Lewis Rochelle - Drums


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DOPAMINE - Epiphany: In an otherwise quite metallic selection of Independent Shorts comes this little gem from power trio DOPAMINE. Theres a definite early Kings of Leon vibe to this track with its shimmering guitars and throaty vocals all wrapped up with a fuzzy, southern rock ribbon. It’s the sort of track that’s as likely to make your indie playlist as your hard rock one but would sound equally good either so why not stick it on both?


Dopamine are:

Olly Dean – Vocals/Guitar

Jonny Wright – Bass

Chris Kidd - Drums


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KARMA’S PUPPET - Sleepless: We’re back in more metal territory now with the debut single from Macclesfield’s KARMA’S PUPPET. It’s a big, melodic number with hints of Megadeth’s more mid-tempo 90s output, but it’s very much a modern take on a classic sound rather than any kind of retro throwback. It’s intriguing, assured and insistent and certainly leaves you wanting to hear more from these newcomers to the scene.


Karma’s Puppet are:

Alex Blaikie - Vocals
Simon Mayo - Guitars
Alex Williams - Guitars
Tom Perry - Bass
Jacob Lockett - Drums


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MY IMMORTAL ENEMY - Laughing Heart / Atlas / Dangerous: A triple header to finish from MY IMMORTAL ENEMY. First up is ‘Laughing Heart’, an energetic, everything-including-the-kitchen-sink type of track. There’s death growls, clean vocals, tempo changes, style changes, a hint of Coheed and Cambria to the chorus, metalcore leanings, a dash of power metal and is that a little bit of piano thrown in for good measure? Yes. Yes, it is. It feels like it’s one wrong turn from slipping into an incoherent mess and yet the band masterfully keep it on the right side of lunacy to produce one of the most exhilarating tracks you’ll have heard in quite some time. 


In contrast ‘Atlas’ is a more straightforward number but no less glorious for it. Again there’s a good blend of modern and more classic styles of metal and they still teeter-totter between brilliant and over the top but quite frankly that’s exactly the tightrope the best metal bands always have to walk and it’s the exact reason MY IMMORTAL ENEMY sound so fresh, exciting and ready for big things.


Final track ‘Dangerous’ due to be released on 22 April, adds a punky feel to the mix and demonstrates, if it wasn’t already abundantly clear, that this is a band that is quite happy to bounce across genres, it somehow manages to be both the most commercial offering of the three songs and also the most aggressive and brutal, quite frankly the diversity and scope of the three tracks hint that there is a lot more to come from this band but damned if I know what the hell they’re going to do next. Watch this space.


My Immortal Enemy are:

Ryan Loomis - Drums

Joel Chandler - Bass 

Jacklyn Paulette - Lead Guitar/Vocals  

Corey Cota - Guitar/Vocals 

Steven Juliano – Lead Vocals 


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So there you have it, another batch of brilliant singles to get your noggin a-noddin’ and your toes vertically oscillating to the beat. Join us again soon for Independent Shorts 5: A Good Day to Independent Short.


Naomi Jeremiah