ULFVEN – Folklore (Album)



Here at Down The Front Media we love new music. Like, really love it. I can remember exactly where I was the first time I heard some of my favourite bands, that inimitable feeling of hearing something for the first time that really stays with you afterwards or, even better, completely changes your entire existence! When newcomers ULFVEN’s debut album ‘Folklore’ was sent my way I was drawn in instantly at the prospect of some new Swedish Melodic Death/Doom Metal - a genre steeped in history and originality from its purveyors. 


The intro track on the album is nothing short of terrifying. I have no idea who it is humming but, with headphones in, I genuinely thought they were stood behind me. Joking (sort of) aside, it’s a great intro that sets up the album nicely, all concept albums are enhanced by little interludes like this that really set the scene and immerse the listener into the world in which they are about to be transported.


What becomes evident from the opening riffs of ‘A Mother’s Betrayal’ is that, despite only being together since 2017, this isn’t ULFVEN’s first outing. Not only is the songwriting fantastic, it obviously comes from writers who are well-versed in their craft. The way the riffs all feed into one another and the drums drive the music forward at the perfect pace, you’d be forgiven for thinking this was the bands third or fourth release. This is especially noticeable when the song seamlessly flows into an acoustic break halfway through the song. The vocals sit over the music brilliantly, brutal enough to suit the record but clear enough to understand what’s being said.


Not only is the production (courtesy of Svartkonst Studios) incredible, the album is very well structured with most tracks clocking in around the 7-minute mark, it’s well balanced with the aforementioned intro track and an interlude ‘Irrbloss’ which are only a minute or so long. It keeps things fresh, which is handy, as some of the longer songs do run very close to the repetitive side with a few tracks being fairly indistinguishable from one another on the first few listens. 


Regardless, from start to finish this is a great album and a really great debut! Each track is strong and the album ends on a high in the form of ‘The Black Waters’ which is too often an afterthought for most new bands. If this really is just the start for ULFVEN I fully expect there to be big things to come from the four-piece, things that will stand up well against the legendary records their peers have gifted us with.


Ulfven are:

Robert Osterberg - Vocals, Guitar

Daniel Brundin - Vocals, Bass

Marcus Wiklund - Guitar

Ville Isakson Johnson - Drums


You can find them at: