Is 2019 "The Year of the RXPTR"? I think it might just be. Bristol-based RXPTRS (pronounced Raptors) are a new band that are pushing the boundaries between genres, creating a fierce new sound that packs a mighty punch. RXPTRS formed late 2017, already known to one another through their music careers, and wasted no time getting into the studio with Oz Craggs (Feed the Rhino, Mallory Knox) and making their mark on the live music scene. 

It's difficult to describe their sound, but it features punk, grunge, hard rock and a little death-metal growl, an experience which brings together the gentle and the brutal in such a way that it was as if they belonged together all along. 'Vultures' is a case in point, a ferocious growl intertwined with melodic hooks and catchy chorus, all underlaid with some great instrumental layering. A wall of sound if ever there was one.

'Parasites', which was released as a single, leaps straight in at full pelt, chock full of catchy riffs and more lush instrumentals mixed with gorgeous vocals to create audible magic. If anything on this EP was to get wider universal appeal I think this would be it as it has an edge to it but is still attractive to people who wouldn't normally like such a hard sound. The more melodious and gentler moments balancing nicely with the ferocity. 

'Temple' is one of my favourite tracks of the year to date, a real slow burner which builds to an anthemic chorus, charismatic and full of character, a real breath of fresh air. The song takes flight and I get lost in the music as it sets up roots in my mind. It's heartfelt and moody - just the way I like it.

DTFM reviewed the debut single 'Bound' back in February 2018 and I have to say I still listen to the track, such was its impact on me and the pull of those vocals; "Roach's vocals are at times dulcet and melodic and other times animalistic and combative, and both styles actually sound great; the vocals start off quite sweet and captivating, all-American rock band style, and in walks a touch of Marilyn Manson-meets-thrash-metal."

'Blister' has a genteel, almost blissful intro which quickly turns raging and aggressive with kick-ass drums and shouting vocals crashing in. This is literally a blistering track, ridiculously melodic and insanely memorable, an atmospheric song with some truly great guitar work.

What makes this band even more impressive, is that each of their songs has a profound personal meaning and is borne of experience, which means they appear more invested in the music, more passionate about telling the story. I want to be careful I don't overdo the praise here and give the listener too high an expectation but they really are that good.

This 5-track debut EP '𝐈' is available now on all streaming channels and physical copies of the EP can be purchased from: rxptrs.bandcamp.com


Band Members

Simon Roach

Ian Chadderton

Harley Watson

Sam Leworthy 

Mat Capper


Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/RXPTRS/

Bandcamp - https://rxptrs.bandcamp.com/