THE HOWLING LORDS - Soul To Sell (Single)



THE HOWLING LORDS are a Scottish trio, with a dirty, experimental garage rock sound. If that sounds like a mouthful, then that’s exactly what it is. 

‘Soul to Sell’ is the third single from their current album, ‘Texas Medicine’ which was released 30 November 2018.

We recently featured this single on Episode #108 of Down The Front Podcast which you can check out here if you are so inclined 

In the context of the bands album, ‘Soul To Sell’ is possibly the most “doomiest” or “spaced-out” track on there with its creepy atmospherics and dark, religious imagery.

The lyrics are intriguing, with their dark interpretation of the bible, Adam and Eve and the unknowing, unfulfilling search for Jesus. To an extent, it’s difficult to figure out if he likes Jesus or it’s the exact opposite, calling into question the rationale of religion, challenging or accepting it. Difficult topic to cover, but ‘Soul To Sell’ will definitely make you think. 

Check out the single below and take a listen to ‘Texas Medicine’ as a whole of you get the chance.

The band:

Felix: Vocals and Guitar

Jenns: Bass

Eoghainn - Drums


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