LETHBRIDGE OWEN - Mind Over Matter (Album)




Brighton based folk-rock duo LETHBRIDGE OWEN first started writing together over ten years ago, but Kelly Louise Lethbridge (vocals) and Jimmy Owen (vocals, guitar) have have been in no hurry to put an album out. Instead, the pair have spent their time wowing audiences at live shows and crafting beautifully written songs. Their sound has been compared to the Fleetwood Mac line-up of Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks, and the time has now come for their debut album ‘Mind Over Matter’ to be released on Cargo Records (5th April 2019). 

Album opener ‘All We Have Is Hope’ is also the first single, and is a delightful introduction to the band, with warm floaty vocals from Kelly Lethbridge that just pull you along. Jimmy Owen’s masterful guitar work is mesmerising, and the duo work in perfect harmony. It’s a song about perseverance and has such a catchy hook as well as a chorus you can’t help but find yourself humming or singing days after you have first listened to it. 

The bluesy style of ‘Back To The Blue’ ramps up the groove as Owen gets his funk on, alongside an invigorating, layered vocal from Lethbridge. There’s a change of pace on ‘The Great Healer’ as Owen takes lead vocal. It’s an expressive song with a chorus and simple rhythmic riff that work their way into your brain, driving the message of the lyrics home, it’s a song with a driving beat that just doesn’t quit!

‘Re-inspire’ is the latest single and Lethbridge’s soaring, hypnotic vocal together with Owen’s heartfelt guitar make a striking combination. ‘Fight For You’ sees the duo alternate on vocals and harmonise together. It feels like such an uplifting song and, again, the guitar is exquisite with so many gorgeous little nuances that just make you want to listen to it time and time again. ‘Leaving Home’ is a melodic, soulful tune with a slight country vibe about it, a hint of southern rock, given a twist with violins added to the mix. 

‘From Now On’ is one of the acoustic songs on the album, it’s a chance to really hear the duo in their raw state. ‘If Only’ is also acoustic; it’s slightly less polished, but the performance is flawless and hearing the intricacies of the guitar makes me feel in awe.

‘Taking Over Me’ features engaging, impeccable solos, Lethbridge breathing life into the emotive lyrics. ‘Two Steps Forward’ is a danceable, sing-a-long track with a beautifully flowing melody and quick-fingered solos from Owen in addition to singing riffs throughout. Owen takes the reins again for ‘World’s Burned Over’, a disdainful view at the state of the world today, and his vocals are poignant and stirring. The awesome solos and percussion in this are fantastic. To finish there is an acoustic version of ‘All We Have Is Hope’, a great way to round off the album and make you want to listen again, right from the beginning.

In ‘Mind Over Matter’, LETHBRIDGE OWEN have produced a confident debut album that gives a nod to the past while setting its sights firmly on the future. Jimmy Owen and Kelly Lethbridge make a captivating and dynamic duo whose songs will work their way into your brain and refuse to budge.


‘Mind Over Matter’ track listing:-

  1. All We Have Is Hope

  2. Back To The Blue

  3. The Great Healer

  4. Re-inspire

  5. Fight For You

  6. Leaving Home

  7. From Now On

  8. If Only

  9. Taking Over Me

  10. Two Steps Forward

  11. World’s Burned Over

  12. All We Have Is Hope [reprise]

Musicians on this album:-

Erik Stams - drums

Noah Nelson - bass


Live dates:-

26 April - Under the Bridge, Fulham, London  ALBUM LAUNCH

24 May - Boom Boom Club, Sutton (with Aynsley Lister)


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