Are you on a quest to discover the best independent bands on the planet? Of course you are, who isn’t? But it’s not always easy is it? Traditional media outlets only focus on established bands, or the ones with a promotional team pushing them forward. But here at DTFM we strive to be different, which is why we created Independent Shorts, so we can cover as many up and coming bands as humanely possible. Now we just need a catchy tag line... “Want to get into independent music? Then why not get into our shorts?” Hmm…needs work.


DEAD AGENTS - Aimless Careless: You want hooks? Well DEAD AGENTS have got them by the bucketful. From the buzzy opening riff, ‘Aimless Careless’ comes at you like it’s one long chorus. It feels familiar from the first listen, the sort of song that deserves to be sung back at them at every gig. Don’t be surprised if you stick this one on repeat, it’s fresh, full of charm and catchy as hell. Aimless careless? No. It’s dead on target and perfectly crafted.


Dead Agents are:

David James Foster - Vocals/Guitar
Adam Beddow - Lead Guitar/Backing Vocals
Geoff Fry - Drums
Adam Furmage – Bass


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TREMENDOUS - Open For Closing: You’ve got to give it up for a band that call themselves TREMENDOUS, it’s a name that’s at once cocksure and yet faintly seems to belong to a different age. And to be honest that’s not a bad description of the band themselves. It has a 70s rock feel, without sounding like any one band in particular, and has a nice little indie shimmer behind it too. The high vocals are vaguely reminiscent of Geddy Lee but the music itself is more Cheap Trick than Rush. It’s a sunny, upbeat number that’ll happily lodge itself in your brain for days. Spiffing.


Tremendous are:

Mark Dudzinski – Guitars/Vocals

Ryan Jee – Bass

David Lee - Drums


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ATTIC THEORY - Saints Among Us: Liverpool’s ATTIC THEORY sound huge. Big, strong vocals, guitars that fill every available space in your head, they feel like they’re readymade for arena sized venues. Tapping a similar vein of classic rock-meets-grunge as Alter Bridge ‘Saints Among Us’ leaps from the speakers, a bold and confident statement of intent. Underpinned with a solid groove and finished off with a dusting of glorious “woah-ohs”, don’t expect them to stay confined to Liverpool for long.


Attic Theory are:

Lewis Wright - Vocals
Peter Donnelly - Guitar
Tim Cunningham - Guitar
Kenny McArthur - Bass
Dave Hornby – Drums


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RUN HOME JACK - F.Y.H.T: The big metallic crunch and alt-rock vibe on this track from RUN HOME JACK draws you in immediately but what really makes it stand out from the crowd is its message. The songs title stands for ‘Find Your Happy Thought’ and in a genre that often focuses on the negative it’s good to hear a band extolling the virtues of positivity. The fact that it’s all wrapped up in a damn fine song is just the icing on the cake.


Run Home Jack are:

Jersey Neese - Vocals/Guitar
Harold Godwin - Drummer


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RAI KAH MERCURY - I Fell in Love with a Feeling: The clocks have gone forward so summer is just around the corner. Which means we can all look forward to hay fever, wasp attacks and festivals. And if you’re looking for a song to soundtrack the sunny days you could do a lot worse than ‘I Fell in Love with a Feeling’. The fuzzed up, Kravitz-esque guitars, the chunky bass and laidback vocals all swirl together to form a big, blissful anthem for the summer months. And, when the glorious closing solo kicks in, if you can’t imagine lying back in the grass, dosed up on Piriton, surrounded by citronella candles on a hazy summer’s evening then frankly you and I are very different people.


Rai Kah Mercury are:

Tomas Crean - Guitar/Vocals
Reece Schaefer - Bass
Joshua Anthony Lowe - Drums
Nathan De Giorgi - Keys


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And here ends another instalment of Independent Shorts. Possibly the only place on the internet that combines the best new music with the word spiffing. Join us next time for more adventures in awesome music and terrible tag lines in Independent Shorts 4.0, be there or be an equilateral rectangle.