SWEET OBLIVION feat. GEOFF TATE - True Colours (Single)




SWEET OBLIVION is the new project put together by guitarist and bassist Simone Mularoni, the man behind Italian prog masters DMG and features keyboardist Emanuele Casali and drummer Paolo Caridi in the band together with legendary singer Geoff Tate. 

Their self-titled debut album is due to be released on June 14 through Frontiers Music SRL but until then, we have ‘True Colours’ to whet our appetite.

‘True Colours’ opens with a clean, repeating riff as the drums and guitars growl and crash through. It’s a track with a lot going on from the off. 

Twin guitar harmonies leading into the verses, and there’s nice variation in the guitar riffs throughout the track, ranging from a snarly, growled sound to a bit dirty and grubby, and then clean. It’s a smorgasbord of tones that allows your senses to pick up on each but it’s the combination of it all that ensures this song delivers on all fronts. To top it off, SWEET OBLIVION delivers a lovely, soaring guitar solo that rips in halfway through the song.

Tate’s vocal sits comfortably in the mix, with the catchy lyrics, especially on the chorus, making the song memorable and pretty much hits the spot.  

If you are a fan of Queensryche you will appreciate this song because with Tate’s voice being so well known, it all feels comfortably familiar.

It is simply impossible not to appreciate the complexity of the music and the effortless ease of the vocal performance. I love this track – can’t wait to hear more!


Check out the video here:- https://youtu.be/HYsLG2VtTN0


Sweet Oblivion are:-

Simone Mularoni - Guitars / Bass

Geoff Tate - Vocals

Emanuele Casali - Keyboards

Paolo Caridi - Drums