TEXAS HIPPIE COALITION - High In The Saddle (Album)



“We like to party / All night long” sing TEXAS HIPPIE COALITION on ‘Dirty Finger’, the second track of their latest album ‘High in the Saddle’. But even at this early stage of proceedings it’s an almost unnecessary admission, if you hadn’t worked it out from the first few bars of opener ‘Moonshine’ then I’m not sure what band you’re listening to, but it sure as hell isn’t THC. 


They sound like a band that are never more than a foot away from a beer, and if they are it’s because they’ve gone to get whiskey. As their name suggests the Deep South is deep rooted into their music, blending an outlaw country ethos with a heavy groove, coming across like Pantera playing Waylon Jennings songs. And while those two might not sound the most obvious bedfellows, TEXAS HIPPIE COALITION make it seem like the most natural pairing in the world. Nothing is forced, nothing is false and whether they’re singing about booze, bikes or women it all feels 100% authentic. 


Singer Big Dad Ritch’s gravelly vocals are so deep that you’d be forgiven for thinking you’ve got your record player on the wrong speed, and the bass and guitars aren’t far behind him, but they have a relentless, driving rhythm that proves irresistible as they pound songs like ‘Bring it Baby’, ‘Tongue Like a Devil’ or the surprisingly sensuous ‘Stevie Nicks’ into your head.


The songs are insistent, unrelenting and laden with hooks. Though TEXAS HIPPIE COALITION are hardly subtle, and they aren’t likely to ever stray too far from the blueprint, they also don’t fall into the trap of being too one dimensional, the more tender moments such as ‘Ride or Die’ or the reflective ‘BullsEye’ break up the big, party rock without destroying the overall mood and you know that a big riff, or a southern-fried guitar lick, is never too far along the dirt road they travel. 


The band describe themselves as being equally at home playing a backyard barbecue as they are playing a big festival, and for once a press release pretty much nails it, in fact you get the feeling you could pretty much stick them anywhere and the end result would be the same: within minutes they’d be surrounded by people clutching beers in their hands and looking for a party, and frankly that’s no bad thing.


TEXAS HIPPIE COALITION aren’t exactly looking to push boundaries or mess with your expectations, but they have their own unique, organic sound which they inhabit completely,and you can’t help but be drawn in. And as the last embers of the barbecue die out, if a song like ‘Blue Lights On’ doesn’t make you want to carry the party on long into the night then - again - what bloody album are you listening to anyway? ‘Cos it sure as hell ain’t THC.


Texas Hippie Coalition are:

Big Dad Ritch – Vocals

Cord Pool – Guitar

Nevada Romo – Guitar

Rado Romo – Bass

Devon Carothers – Drums


Track listing

1. Moonshine

2. Dirty Finger 

3. Bring It Baby

4. Ride Or Die

5. Tongue Like A Devil

6. Why Aren’t You Listening

7. Stevie Nicks

8. BullsEye

9. Tell It From The Ground

10. Blue Lights On


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