JAPAM - Sick Boy Wants A Hot Dog (Single)



Intrigued by the name of this group, (which the band explains as “...either the applied use of a mantra, or a drunken mispronunciation deemed too good to pass up as a band name), I'm unsure what to expect as I flip on the adventurously-titled latest single, ‘Sick Boy Wants a Hot Dog’ taken from their recently released EP ‘Sickboy’. 

What ensues is an energetic, catchy and melodious track with deep, soulful vocals, impelled by relentless drums. It's original and fresh, there is loads going on and it is layered and produced really well. I found myself listening to the story and losing myself in the groove.


JAPAM, a Heavy Rock 5-piece, come from Adelaide in Australia, and are the brainchild of guitarist and multi-instrumentalist Seb Hudson. 'Sickboy', was released April 12th following the success of their debut EP ' How's My EP?' from 2016.


‘Sick Boy Wants A Hot Dog’ is a mid-tempo pop/rock song with a stronger than average drum beat, a fab yet short guitar solo towards the last minute, and some lovely keys. There's a funny video of the guys rocking out in someone's front room so check it out below - pick up that slice of bread dude!


Check out the video to previous single ‘Roak’



Seb Hudson - guitars

Ryan Lucivero - vocals

Ben Whitehorn - bass

Jack Thomson - drums

Andreas Murphy - guitars



Purchase the ‘Sickboy’ EP here - http://japamband.bandcamp.com/album/sickboy