VERITY WHITE - Reclaim; Set Fire (Album)




VERITY WHITE is without doubt a powerful vocalist, with the ability to switch between sweet and melodious to more stormy and angry, all whilst maintaining an intensity which many must envy. Verity writes with her husband, producer and guitarist Alex White, which adds a deeper connection throughout the album. ‘Reclaim; Set Fire’ is the second album, following the excellent debut 'Breaking Out' in 2017.


Featured throughout are the catchy repetitive riffs, mixing it up between soft rock and a little grunge, the heartfelt lyrics and responsive instrumentals, building stories and emotion. In 'Heartstorm' the vocals are perfectly matched with the musical arrangement in terms of style, depth and pace, the deep vocals adding intensity. The sexuality of 'Overload' is more married sex than dirty alley sex but does make for a great listen with its rumbling riff and sensual vocals.


My favourite tracks include 'Push It Down' - a soulful vocal, deep bass and powerful lyrics; "push it down, it can't control you". There is a soaring guitar solo and the vocals have more of that strength of character I want to see. 'Inside Your Love' has refreshingly honest and emotional vocals matched with subtle guitar and understated drums which becomes more than the sum of its parts, and what a voice!


'Goodbye, You'll See' tries to mix it up a bit like Shirley Manson but, as someone who had Garbage on a loop throughout the 90s, it's a little tame for my tastes.


The tracks that stand out far above the rest are 'Wild' and 'Feel This' both with the beautiful vocals for which we know and love Verity, evoking emotion and portraying a passion and depth which is unbelievable. 'Wild' sees the vocals lead the track with a gentle strum of guitar allowing the vocals to soar. 'Feel This' is simply stunning, starting out with some lovely keys, it's very emotional and engaging, and quite easily the track of the album for me.


To sum up, this is a solid album, but it doesn't move past the success of the first in my opinion, with some great songs but not 'all killer no filler' which is what I had hoped for. For me, the tracks that stand out more are those where Verity is at her most melodious and sweet, intertwined with a little attitude and angst, to create a nice balance. I think the market is pretty crowded with the more fierce female vocalists and so this band doesnt stand out as it should in that arena. Therefore my constructive feedback is to stick to your strengths.


RECLAIM; SET FIRE is out now.



Come and Get It 


Turn This Up 

Inside Your Love 


Push it Down 

Goodbye, You’ll See 

Listen Up! 


Feel This 




Verity White - Lead Vox

Alex White - Guitar and Synth

Joe Kelly - Bass

Alex McIntosh - Drums