NEVERLANDED - F.U.U. (Fluffy Unicorn United) (EP)



Not to be confused with the early 90s band of a similar name, NEVERLANDED is a three-piece band formed in North London in 2007 consisting of Pete Bloom on vocals and guitar, Niki Jester on bass, additional guitars and vocals and Laura Allison on drums. NEVERLANDED has recently released their 4 track EP entitled ‘F.U.U. (Fluffy Unicorn United)’.

The band connect on many levels and it’s not just their music that’s appealing, but the fact that they are avid supporters of Mermaids UK - a charity which supports young people and their families in the support of gender dysphoria. Money raised from the purchase of songs goes towards this important charity.


The nostalgic audio presence of NEVERLANDED is loud, vibrant and imposing, yet melodic and gentle at times. The song ‘Brainsane’ draws inspiration from 90’s grunge which can be heard in the vocal style. The music has a mixture of different genres such as aforementioned Grunge, Punk and Doom, in the terms of the melancholy chord progressions. The listener is invited on a journey through a musical experience that is not predictable and keeps the listener on their toes.


Songs such as ‘MesS.O.S’  harness a vibe of 80s Anarcho-punk with stripped-back music that is driven by vocal-leading melodies, complemented by a flanger effect which causes the harmonics to phase cancel, giving a subtle yet effective audio effect. ‘This Friend of Mine’ is softer and melodic, much in the vain of non-Nirvana, ‘Pumpkin-esque’ grunge! This song is the band’s ballad. ‘Scream for Ice Cream’, again has a grungy feel with melodic undertones mixed with heavy stabs of punk-driven riffs.


If you’re a fan of bands bans such as Nirvana, Smashing Pumpkins and Dinosaur Jr and Whale, you’ll find you’ve hit audio-gold with NEVERLANDED. I’d encourage you to go check them out.


Neverlanded are:-

Pete Bloom – Vocals / Guitar

Niki Jester – Bass / Guitars / Vocals

Laura Allison – Drums / Vocals


For more information on Mermaids UK