PISTON - Rainmaker (Single)




British rock ’n’ roll outfit PISTON is made up of four hard rockers from the Midlands combined with a vocalist from the South and together they make a phenomenal combination. The band release the second single ‘Rainmaker’ from their long awaited debut album on 31st May 2019. ‘Rainmaker' was produced by Dan Swift and remixed by Romesh Dodangoda.


The scuzzy riffage in ‘Rainmaker’ combined with addictive pounding from the drum kit and driving bass notes give it an almost hypnotic quality, making it feel like an old familiar friend by the second listen. A big, dynamic vocal gives a swaggering feel that is uplifted further by rousing backing vocals and monster harmonious riffs. This is a song that will be well and truly stuck in your head, so that you find yourself humming it after you have heard it once or twice. It’s a song that’s impossible to hear and keep still!


Guitarist Jack Edwards described the recording process of the song: “Rainmaker was the very first track we recorded for the album. You can hear all of our excitement in the track - we were all back together in one room and we tracked it right then and there! We love it and it’s not perfect, and we don’t want it to be - rock ’n’ roll has never been perfect. It’s a huge step in the new sound of Piston, it will easily stand there with some of the modern greats, but it most certainly pays homage to some of our idols”.


PISTON release their eagerly anticipated eponymous debut album on Friday 13th September 2019. In a brave move, the guys decided to ditch the album they had already recorded and start the whole process again in pursuit of ‘their sound’. Judging by the already released ‘One More Day’ and now ‘Rainmaker’, the process worked!


PISTON head out on a joint headline tour later in the year with COLLATERAL. Tickets can be purchased from www.pistonuk.com 

Catch them here:-

12 September - Leicester, The Musician

13 September - Cannock, The Station

14 September - Liverpool, EBGBS

20 September - Birmingham, Asylum 2

21 September - Nottingham, Rock City Basement

22 September - Manchester, Jimmy’s

26 September - Southampton, The Joiners

27 September - Wigan, The Boulevard (Ravenfest)

28 September - London, The Big Red

04 October - Gravesend, Leo’s Red Lion


Piston are:-

Rob Angelico - vocals

Jack Edwards - guitar

Luke Allatt - guitar

Brad Newlands - drums

Stuart Egan - bass