ROYAL REPUBLIC - Club Majesty (Album)

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Back in 2016 when ROYAL REPUBLIC burst on to the scene with second album, ‘Weekend Man’ they were a breath of fresh air with their swaggering brand of danceable rock ‘n’ roll. On new record, ‘Club Majesty’, the band have taken that blueprint and dialled everything up a notch. In some ways it’s akin to what THE STRUTS did with ‘Young and Dangerous’, keeping the solid rock base of their previous work but adding a glorious pop sheen to the whole thing.


Describing this album as in your face is a bit like saying Stephen Hawking was quite smart, it just doesn’t do justice to this album’s sheer relentlessness. Each song smashes into your head like a bubblegum-coated mallet. In fact, it’s almost too much, there’s no drop off in pace, no moments to pause and catch your breath. ROYAL REPUBLIC don’t really do subtle moments of tender reflection, the closest they come is perhaps ‘Like a Lover’ with its sultry refrain, but even then, it feels like it’s ready to burst at the seams. And once the album’s finished you might as well stick a pin in the track list to work out which of the songs will be stuck in your head for the rest of the day.


If you’re looking for deep and meaningful then you’re in the wrong place, ROYAL REPUBLIC deal exclusively in fresh and funky dance floor fillers. But if you think this means the music isn’t accomplished you’d be wrong. These guys met at the Malmo Academy of Music and while you wonder what their lecturers might make of the somewhat bonkers kind of tunes they create, there is no doubt that each note, each beat and each saxophone squeal is precisely placed for maximum affect. The whole band are ludicrously tight as they chop and change styles throughout, never dropping the frenetic pace. And there really is so much going on here, the band have been dubbed “disco rock” which is apt - there are some moments that are so disco it’s almost painful - but it also doesn’t capture the sheer scope of what they do. There’s the KILLERS-meets-FRANZ FERDINAND stomp of ‘Fireman and Dancer’, the delightfully potty-mouthed ‘Fortune Favors’ or the punkabilly blast of ‘Bulldog’, ultimately the band seem happy to throw anything into the mix as long as it gets you moving. Perhaps the closest comparison would be with the tongue-in-cheek excess of ELECTRIC SIX, but ROYAL REPUBLIC are more diverse and with a darker more substantial underbelly and in truth they are emphatically doing their own thing exactly how they want to do it.


‘Club Majesty’ is a frantic, hyperactive and frankly over-the-top album but it never pretends to be anything else which is what makes it such a riot. So, embrace your inner Disco Stu and let ROYAL REPUBLIC take you on their wacky but wild ride, I promise you won’t regret it.


Track Listing

1. Fireman & Dancer

2. Can’t Fight the Disco

3. Boomerang

4. Under Cover

5. Like a Lover

6. Blunt Force Trauma

7. Fortune Favors

8. Flower Power Madness

9. Stop Movin’

10. Anna-Leigh

11. Bulldog


Royal Republic are:

Adam Grahn – Vocals

Hannes Irengard – Guitars

Per Andreasson – Bass

Jonas Almen – Drums


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