Independent Shorts: INTO THE DEEP / ZED MOTEL / BLITZ / PINUP (Singles & EP)


Willkommen, bienvenue, wotcher and welcome to another edition of Independent Shorts, where we delve into rocks great big chest of independent treasures. This week we bring you bands that swagger, bands that don’t faff about, an entire fricking EP and a frankly nauseating hint at what I get up to with spandex in my spare without further ado read on and discover some awesome new music.


 INTO THE DEEP - True: Not, I repeat, not a Spandau Ballet cover, INTO THE DEEP waste no time in getting into the meat of this track, no faffing about with intros or anything just bam! Verse! Soaring chorus! Verse! Fat riff! Soaring chorus!And just like that it’s done, leaving you thoroughly exhilarated. It’s an uplifting and anthemic slice of melodic rock that’s not a million miles from the likes of The Dust Coda, well worth checking out.


Into The Deep are:

Jonathan Haigh – Vocals / Guitar

Adam Cosheril – Bass

Seamus Emery – Drums

Gary Surridge – Guitar


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ZED MOTEL - Scratched: A nice and sleazy bit of swaggering garage rock here from ZED MOTEL. It comes on like QOTSA playing 50s surf rock, before launching into a big old pop chorus without ever losing its noir-ish undercurrent. The sort of song you wouldn’t be surprised to see turn up on a Tarantino soundtrack and what’s not to like about that?


Zed Motel are:

Chris Noir – Guitar / Vocals

Jonathan Williams – Drums

Katie Skilton - Vocals


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BLITZ - Waiting for A Miracle: Some tracks are inexplicably hard to describe, and ‘Waiting for A Miracle’ is one such song, not because there’s anything wrong with the song but mainly because it’s hard to believe everyone hasn’t heard it already. It takes literally seconds before it feels like a song you’ve known all your life. A giant, 80s glam riff bursts into your ears followed by an insistent, attitude-soaked verse and a chorus that you’ll swear you’ve been woah-oohing along to in stadiums for years. It’ll have you donning your spandex and jumping around like Dave Lee Roth in no time. 


Blitz are:

Kevin Simpson – Guitar

Mat Davies – Drums

Stuart Corden – Vocals / Bass


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Alt Milk artwork.jpg

PINUP - Alt Milk EP: Well looky here, a whole EP has snuck into my Shorts... Stylistically PINUP are hard to pin down, there’s an obvious QOTSA influence but with a writhing, sultry darkness as if Josh Homme has invited The Cramps over to jam. Across this five track EP they show an impressive range, from the sinewy Franz Ferdinand swagger of opener ‘Trash Talk and Tonic’ to the stadium rawk riffing of ‘Weather the Storm’ and in between there’s the likes of ‘Temple of the Gods’ and ‘Teeth’ that sway between full on assaults and gentle, almost delicate pop. The real scene stealer however is ‘Queen of the Scene’ which marries their cinematic, storytelling lyrics with more hooks than a Peter Pan’s nemesis convention. Ultimately, ‘Alt Milk’ is collection of beautifully woven together vignettes from rock’s seedy underbelly. It’s a dark, twisted journey you can’t help but be drawn into and leaves you desperate for more.


Pinup are: 

Ryder Ataxia – Guitar / Vocals

Zoe Skinner – Drums

Amir Smith - Bass


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And that’s your lot for this week, but fret ye not for Independent Shorts will return for another instalment before you know it. So, keep your eyes peeled for Independent Shorts 7: Mission to Moscow. *