TO OCTAVIA - Nocturnal (EP)




‘Nocturnal’ is the debut EP from five-piece Australian metalcore band, TO OCTAVIA, and what a banger it is. 

For such a young band to produce something like this for their debut, it just has to be commended because when you listen to each track, you will hear something that sounds like a band who have been together for decades, such is the obvious ease of their music, their sound and let’s be honest, how they compliment each other to make a rip roaring EP. 


Matt Morris’ vocals are insane on every track and it sounds like he has been singing (or should I say scringing) his whole life, then Adam softens the tone, putting a whole new dimension and melody to the tracks. It reminds me of when Linkin Park first hit our eardrums with their sensational sound, but let me be clear, TO OCTAVIA are very different and their lyrics will hit home through their refreshing sound. And bloody hell, the drums – what can I say? Lucas is absolutely powerful and there is nothing straightforward or basic about his style at all. The riffs in your eardrums from Molly and Justin are exciting and original throughout, heavy, intense, original, so clear and precise, proving that melody is quite at home with metalcore.

So let’s get into the tracks and see if I can describe how they sounded to my ears.


‘Nocturnal’ opens with ‘Made To Break’. This track has so many layers, it’s crazy. I loved the riffs from the very start- all of them. It’s a softer intro with Adam’s vocals leading the way, in complete contrast to Morris. 

On ‘My Confession’, Morris gets straight into it, no messing about and a hell of an introduction to his voice. The amazing melodic riffs really make this track lift and soar. The chorus is brilliant, driving it home and Lucas is brilliant throughout.


‘XIII’ has a fantastic intro that would be quite at home in a horror movie and I didn’t know what to expect. I loved the lyrics, haunting melodies, lifting and soaring vocals from Adam and the whole thing is so unique.

It may be name of the song, but there is hardly time to breathe from the start of ‘Breathe’. This track showcases Adam’s vocals really well, my favourite for him as it sounds like he has pushed himself more.


‘After All’. This so cool, it’s glacial and the bass gets to show off a bit more. There are some really cool sneaky little riffs here too, then the melody completely changes, which I wasn’t expecting, perhaps explaining why it’s glacial. This one punches you right in the gut.

‘Do You Feel The Same (I Wonder)’ is haunting or, should I say, it has the potential to be beautifully haunting. I feel Morris could have dialled it down a notch and it would enrich the song, as the melody is softer than the other tracks.

The EP closes with ‘Epilogue’. Definitely a surprise! I’ll say no more.


I can’t decide which track is my favourite and I’ve listened to them all several times so I guess that means I love ‘Nocturnal’ from start to finish. In fact, I found myself struggling to find the right words to describe it properly to do it justice – so you are just going to have to listen to it yourself to hear the intensity and talent. If TO OCTAVIA keep producing music like this, they will go a long way – I’m sure of it.


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To Octavia are:

Matt Morris - Lead Vocals 

Justin Keurntjes - Guitar 

Molly Congreve - Guitar 

Adam Kirk-Holmes - Bass/Vocals 

Lucas Keurntjes – Drums