SISTER SHOTGUN - Fragments (Album)




The West Midlands continues to be a hotbed for talented rock acts and SISTER SHOTGUN are no exception. Formed in 2011 they've just followed up their EP with debut album, 'Fragments', produced by Romesh Dodangoda and available now. Renowned for powerhouse vocals, they mix melodic and nu-metal with driving beats and dual guitar attack. Chloe Ozwell has melodious vocals to make a grown man weep and delivers an emotionally-charged performance, be it genteel, melancholy or fierce.


The album is a mix of ferocious and ballad, the vocals interspersed with the odd growl, and punctuated by strong drums. Ballads 'Fragments', ‘For the Love of Hate' and, my favourite on the album, 'Silhouettes' demonstrate great vocal prowess which would please fans of Halestorm or Kane'd, and is reminiscent of Amy Lee in a few spots.


'Sacred Heart' is another stand out track, driven by a thumping beat and thunderous guitars, more than a touch of metalcore death growl, and incredibly catchy hooks. Throughout the album, the instruments and vocals compliment each other well, in 'From the Ashes' the vocals draw you in while the melodious guitar solo sends me over the edge of bliss. 'Miss Fortune' is full of attitude, crunchy and a little sleazy, and intense. 'For the Love of Hate' is stripped back more, simple and beautiful, demonstrating the versatility of the band.


I feel like the vocals are outshone in 'Kill the Lights', like she's holding back and should be allowed to let rip, but generally the vocals are clear and crisp, astonishingly harmonious, and the album is carried along by catchy choruses and addictive riffs. 'Scorn' is not to be missed and illustrates some of the power of those twin guitars, creating a sombre mood only to have the vocals and drums crash in and up the ante. This is another example of the clever layering that is scattered through the album, and is an epic statement.


The album is a highly enjoyable listen and this band show great promise. My only constructive criticism is to maybe mix up the arrangement a little to make some of the killer tracks stand out more. There are some great songs and some good songs, no bad songs on the album for me. A solid debut and I've picked a few songs out for my playlist! Give it a try.


Track list

Sacred Heart

She Lives

From Ashes


Miss Fortune

For The Love Of Hate

Kill The Lights


Mourning Iris


No Hope (Bonus track)


Band Members

Chloe Ozwell - Vocals

Benji Tatlock - Guitar

Niall Wills - Guitar

Tim Chambers - Bass

Dave Harvey - Drums


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