CHAINS OF DAISY - Dead As Stone (EP)




Forget sweet, innocent little daisy chains, this is CHAINS OF DAISY – the band named after an Ex with a fondness for Fifty Shades… latex, chains and all things “exotic”. So that’s our starting premise for ‘Dead As Stone’ the band’s debut four-track EP, which was unleashed with a firm crack of the whip, on May 5th.


The opening of the record’s title track may fool you into thinking that the Guns ‘N’ Roses classic ‘Used To Love Her’ has been covered, but as soon as the Marc Bolan-esque vocals kick in, the sound is T-Rex to a, er, tee. 

The multinational, London-based Blues Rock trio, comprising lead vocalist Mike Blackhart, guitarist Carlos Oliveira and Aris Makaronas on guitar and bass (plus a whole host of other instruments including drums and piano), only formed in early 2018, but it hasn’t taken them long to put out a groovy track deserving of the radio airplay it has already humbly enjoyed.


From the jangly, guitar-driven rock ‘n’ roll opener with a heavy-hearted message, the record moves on to the acoustic and more sober ‘Never Walk Alone’ - a tale of how we are born and die alone and would live in solitude if it weren’t for the good friends and family that we’re sometimes fortunate enough to have in our lives – those extra special individuals who’ll stick by us through thick and thin, enriching our existence and giving meaning to our lives.


Slow burner ‘A Farewell To Winter Blues’, which was written in honour of those we love who are sadly gone but never forgotten, serves up an ice-meltingly warm slice of Americana, whilst closer ‘Morning Sun’ is a cheeky, foot stomper forged in the mould of ‘60s Country Rock. 


All in all, there’s nothing ‘shaded grey’ about this EP - it’s a vibrant, varied mini-collection of well-written compositions that leaves me wondering what genre the band will gravitate towards when they decide to release a long player…  


Will they dabble more heavily in the Classic Rock vibe? Continue to explore their tender side with heartfelt Americana? Or kick up their heels with an even bouncier spring in their step thanks to good ol’ oil-stained Country Rock? Right now it’s impossible to know which path the band will take, as they’ve proven with their first offering that they’re capable of mastering all of these styles with aplomb. 


To sum up, I’d describe this record as “straight-up vanilla Rock” – the kind you could definitely take home to meet your parents! Maybe Daisy hasn’t quite come out of her shell yet, but I have a feeling that this band may have a wilder side that’s just waiting to be explored… after all, isn’t it always the quiet ones you have to watch?!



Track listing:

Dead As Stone

Never Walk Alone

A Farewell Winter Blues

Morning Sun