HAUNTED BY WOLVES - The Light (Single)

the light.jpg


‘The Light’, the first single from HAUNTED BY WOLVES, released June 19th, is a full-on dynamic assault on your senses from the kick off, with aggressive vocals and brash walls of guitars vying for attention. Thwacking drum beats compete with resonating bass notes as the vocals take flight into a melodic and hooky chorus. It’s an invigorating track, frenetic and chaotic at times, perfect for throwing your cares aside and headbanging to your heart’s content. The thick, chuggy guitar licks just keep coming and the catchy earworm-iness of it just makes me want to hit repeat again and again.

Currently a three-piece consisting of Steve Lathwell (bass), Mark Hanlon (guitar) (both ex-FRAGILE THINGS) and Xander Hamilton (guitar), this new DIY project also sees Mark stepping up to take on vocal duties. With new songs written, rather than waiting around to find the full time vocalist and drummer they now seek to complete the band’s line up, they have decided to use ‘The Light’ to showcase their talent in the hope it will attract the final members of HAUNTED BY WOLVES. The band are using the video for the single on social media as a way of reaching out to potential band mates.

Sounding vastly different to the music produced by their previous band, Steve and Mark are actively trying to blend their collective musical influences and push boundaries with their new band. FRAGILE THINGS were a great unsigned band and received airtime on Planet Rock and Kerrang, among others.