THE NEW ROSES - Nothing But Wild (Album)



For anyone who hasn’t yet heard of THE NEW  ROSES, it’s time to climb out of the dark hole you’ve been living in, and pre-order their latest album ‘Nothing but Wild’. Their follow up to 2017 hit ‘One More for the Road’ carries on where they left off, with yet another album full of hard rocking soundtracks for the summer. Probably best summed up by the band themselves:

“On Nothing but Wild, we fully concentrated on catchy songs with big melodies. Our goal was to record a strong and energetic Rock’n’Roll album without any frills and fillers. Simply true, simply loud, simply wild!”

Currently supporting fellow countrymen and rock legends The Scorpions, they have spent the best part of the last two years touring and building a fan base across Europe and the UK, including Hard Rock Hell, and an outstanding set at Winterstorm. They have even breached the USA, by being the first German band on the Kiss Kruise.

Starting off with the throttle fully opened, ‘Soundtrack Of My Love’ is a pile-driven slab of rock that grabs the listener by both ears, and blows away the cobwebs of a long winter waiting for this album. Barely have we got a chance to catch our breath, than ‘Can’t Stop Rock n Roll’ scorches out the speakers with another dose of high energy classic rock sound with familiar riffs and lyrics that never grow old.

The first single from the album ‘Down by the River’ is THE anthem for the summer of 2019, written for driving with the windows open, and the stereo up way too loud on route to a day out by the water. It’s a perfect earworm, that will be stuck in your head all season, it’s Bruce Springsteen, Bryan Adams, and Bon Jovi all rolled into one massive anthem.

The riffs are relentless for the title track, ‘Nothing but Wild’, and following tune ‘Heartache’. Vocalist Timmy Rough has a thick gravelly rock voice, yet can also hit the old high scream when required, and for a band whose English is a second language, they sing pure Americana, making good use of all the rock n roll metaphors and hooks from the last forty years.

Finally, halfway through the album, the band take a breath, and slow down for a ballad in the form of ‘The Bullet’. Starting off as an acoustic love song, it rises in tempo to yet another catchy singalong rocker that seems to be the theme for the majority of this album, they just can’t seem to slow down!

Even for a love song like ‘Running Out Of Hearts’, drummer Urban Berz can’t hold back, and keeps up a relentless beat, treating the song more like a sprint than a jog. And the fearsome looking Norman Bites isn’t slow in coming forward for a power solo.

Supporting bands like The Scorpions and Kiss on tour has obviously influenced the writing and recording on THE NEW ROSES, as this collection of songs certainly has a big arena sound. ‘Unknown Territory’ has a familiarity to it, following on from where the ‘One More for The Road’ album left off, this is a travelling song, perfect for long journeys, and ties in well with following track ‘As The Crow Flies’.

‘Give and Take’ is a darker deeper song with a heavier bass from Hardy, and full of rock metaphors and clichés, and a few new ones that I hope catch on. ‘The Only Thing’ is another power ballad which should also be played full blast to appreciate the effort the band put into every one of these songs.

Where-as ‘Meet Me Halfway’ is slightly less frantic, and is as close as we get to a laid-back melody, with acoustic guitar all the way through this time, and Berz hammering out a steady rhythm in the background as if he’d never heard of tennis elbow!

To close out the main part of the album ‘Glory Road’ is a final tribute to the American Dream and all things AOR, like a hard rocking version of Richard Marx and his eighties ballads. Tagged on at the end, there are a couple of bonus unplugged tracks, ‘Down By The River’, and ‘Fight You Leaving Me’, both of which they have previously done in acoustic sessions while on tour, showing a more mellow side to their usual frantic, heavy brand of Teutonic rock.

Fans of their previous two albums will not be disappointed, as ‘Nothing But Wild’ has developed and refined a radio friendly, rocking sound that is becoming their trademark, and attracting new fans by their constant touring and performing. 

Already available for pre-order from Napalm records, the album will be out in August.

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1. Soundtrack Of My Life 

2. Can’t Stop Rock’n’Roll 

3. Down By The River 

4. Nothing But Wild 

5. Heartache 

6. The Bullet 

7. Running Out Of Hearts 

8. Unknown Territory 

9. As The Crow Flies 

10. Give And Take 

11. The Only Thing 

12. Meet Me Halfway 

13. Glory Road 



Down By The River (Unplugged) 

Fight You Leaving Me (Unplugged)


The New Roses are:

Timmy Rough – Vocals / Guitar
Norman Bites - Guitar
Hardy - Bass
Urban Berz - Drums