DANNY BRYANT - Means Of Escape (Album)



Following up from last years polished and perfected blues album, ‘Revelation’, blues guitarist DANNY BRYANT has gone back to the studio with his touring band, and blasted out a powerful, raw, gritty, traditional blues album. ‘Means of Escape’ will be released on 20th September, 2019 with the title track as its debut single out on Friday 5th July as a taster.

Bryant was keen to capture the sound and energy from their live performances, and in order to achieve this, had to take more control. “I decided to produce this record myself. The primary reason being that I had a selection of songs that I felt would benefit from being cut ‘live’ in the studio, with myself and the band all playing together, feeding off the energy in the room, and capturing the magic of a live performance.” Mixing several playing styles, Danny has acoustic, electric, and slide guitars throughout the album, displaying the versatility and talent that he has honed over twenty years in the business.

Album opener ‘Tired of Trying’ is a traditional, heartbreaker of a blues number, full of love and loss accentuated by a howling guitar. Inspired by a conversation with another blues legend, Walter Trout, who told Bryant to "just be yourself, but never be afraid to wear your influences on your sleeve", empowering Bryant to write this for himself, and not try to second guess what his public wanted. At the end of the day, all we want Bryant’s music!

‘Too Far Gone’ was recorded in a single take, and features the full band, in all its brassiness and keyboards, supporting the easy laid-back guitar from front man Bryant, as he laconically fires out short bursts of bluesy goodness. The title track and single ‘Means of Escape’ is a tribute to the music that has always been there through good times and bad, that anyone can turn to in order to escape the trials and tribulations of modern life with a bit of modern blues.

Changing styles for ‘Nine Lives’, the band jam together, mixing southern blues with a wild Hammond organ, and retaining that live sound in the studio. Bryant’s’ father was a big influence, not only in his career, but for his previous album, so the acoustic track ‘Skin and Bone’ is a very personal tribute to the man who was such a big part of his life. Stripped back to just one man and a guitar, played the way it was written, it tugs the heart strings of everyone who has lost a loved one.

Anything that was influenced by Gary Moore has to be a classic, and ‘Warning Signs’ does not disappoint. It has a heavy rhythm pounding in the background like a steam train, and the full power of the brass section adding their weight to a heavy rocking blues sound. In a similar style to ‘Skin and Bone’, ‘Where the River Ends’ is a simple stripped back track, mainly piano and guitar, and Bryant describing losing a loved one. Picking up the slide guitar for perhaps the first time, Bryant does it justice playing ‘Hurting Time’ for some old-time blues, accompanied by a honky-tonk keyboard.

An unusual way to close out the album, is instrumental track ‘Mya’. After so many deeply emotional lyrics included on the rest of the tracks, ‘Mya’ lets the music do the talking, and the listener can interpret the mood for themselves.

There will be a short UK tour in the autumn to support the album launch, where the live feel of this album will be ready to rock the audience.


Band Members

Danny Bryant - Guitar, Vocals
Alex Phillips - Bass
Dave Raeburn - Drums


Track list : 
1. Tired of Trying 
2. Too Far Gone 
3. Means Of Escape 
4. Nine Lives 
5. Skin and Bone 
6. Warning Signs (In Her Eye’s) 
7. Where The River Ends 
8. Hurting Time 
9. Mya


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