THE PRETTY UGLY - In The Blink Of An Eye (EP)



Formerly a quartet known as Paradox Void, the now trio THE PRETTY UGLY hail from South Yorkshire (Doncaster/Sheffield area) and have been around, in one guise or the other, for about 6 years. Winners of the Yorkshire Final of the Amp Awards 2015, they follow up their demo 'In The Void' and debut EP 'Endless Psychedelia' with a new EP, 'In The Blink Of An Eye' which is out now.


The EP is a collage of different genres, mixing up themes and melodies, ultimately good old indie, like the kind I grew up on, yet contemporary and exciting. The keys are prevalent in most of the songs but a little overpowering in 'The Fake Fantasy', which otherwise is a solid and enjoyable pop-rock track. The vocals are melodic throughout and there is some lovely guitar work interspersed with great keys, and a touch of a 90s synth groove in 'Catch Me A Bit Of Life'.


The lyrics are poignant and emotionally resonant but not soppy or depressing. The beat is generally catchy as! with great riffs and driving hooks. 'What You Do' demonstrates some generous and lush guitars, a passionate and tortured vocal, and haunting elements in the outro.  'I Don't Really Mind' shows more maturity with an inventive blend of sounds. 'Lemon and Lime' has a dreamy quality with velvety deep vocals, and is an effortlessly cool number which belies their youth.


I read an article in The Guardian of all places about how South Yorkshire is buzzing with new indie music in recent years and it's true when you look at it; The Sherlocks, Milburn, going back further to The Arctic Monkeys and even further to Pulp. This band are certainly carrying on this trend and, I'm ashamed to say, are new to me but I love the EP and will be checking out more of their stuff. I really enjoyed this EP and hope to catch them live in the near future. Ones to watch IMO. 


Lemon and Lime

I Don't Really Mind

Catch Me A Bit Of Life

What You Do

The Fake Fantasy



James Swift - Vocals & Rhythm Guitar

Daniel Cottam - Lead Guitar & Keyboard

Joe Cottam - Drums