KIM JENNETT - Unbroken (Single)



What do you get when you take a vocalist from a raw, edgy band like Voodoo Blood, and put her in front of a guitarist with a back catalogue of melodic rock hits? You get a powerhouse combination of MYKE GRAY, and KIM JENNETT. 

Having featured together on stage at events such as Hard Rock Hell, they have collaborated further with three singles already released, and an album on its way. 


The latest single, ‘Unbroken’, is a big showcase for Kim to unleash her vocal talents, backed by a superb guitarist, who can also take plaudits for writing this immense ballad. Quite happy to stick to the guitar, Myke has plenty of instrumental tracks, but has obviously chosen carefully when he wants a vocalist to accompany him on vinyl and on stage.


Having previously collaborated with Blackwater Conspiracy front man Phil Conalane at Download Festival in 2018, he will be joined this year on the Dogtooth Stage by Kim to perform some of the songs they have worked on together from the new album, ‘Shades of Gray’.


‘Unbroken’ is a radio friendly power ballad which is typical of Myke, but is a bit safer for Kim compared to some of her less mainstream material in the past. Accompanied by a stunning video, the single is quick to hook the listener, and should attract a decent audience keen to see and hear more at Download.

This is obviously a successful combination, but so far, they seem to be keen to retain their individual identities, and apart from a warmup gig in Blackpool in early June, there isn’t much on the calendar other than The Rock and Blues Custom Show, and Winterstorm.


We’ll have to wait and see what develops, but for the moment, the match fits quite well for a writer with an ear for a hit, and a vocalist that can hit the mark.


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