As an unprecedented heatwave threatens to turn mainland Europe into a giant oven and Britain into a slightly warmer version of Britain, it is clearly time to get the shorts out. Or just strip down to your pants and fan yourself with DTF’s patented Independent Shorts, easily the internet’s coolest place to discover independent music.


And now that ludicrously contrived intro is out of the way let’s get on with the reviews, it’s two EPs this week. Enjoy!


SPREADING THE DISEASE - Mindcell: They may have borrowed their name from an Anthrax song but if you’re expecting the cartoonish good time thrash of that band then you’re in for a surprise. SPREADING THE DISEASE charter heavier, more aggressive territory that is more akin to Lamb of God’s raging approach. 


They do however also display a decent ear for melody and across the entire EP there are lighter moments that pierce through the onslaught. It is an approach that works better on some tracks than others, on ‘The Anger Inside’, it offers a fleeting respite from the otherwise uncompromising metal battering, on ‘Waves’ it serves to lull the listener into a false sense of security before they ramp it up later in the song. However, on ‘Voices’ the soft singing gets lost in the mix somewhat and therefore loses some of its impact. Overall this a set of well-crafted, mosh pit ready, modern metal bangers that are equal parts blistering and anthemic.


Spreading the Disease are:

Steve Saunders - Bass and backing vocals

Jack Apella - Drums and percussion

Connor Russell Snyder - Lead vocals

Martin Osbourne - Guitars and backing vocals


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TRENDKILL - Black Moon: More metal madness now with TRENDKILL who take a more old-school thrash approach. The singer’s Anselmo-like bark brings to mind Pantera, especially when they slow the pace on ‘The Host’ or the groove-laden ‘Black Moon’. More often than not though they’re belting out songs like ‘Asylum’ at breakneck speed, the rapid-fire drums and wailing solos more reminiscent of ‘Seasons in the Abyss’ era Slayer or Death Angel. Like those two they’re smart enough to add enough hooks to the frenetic riffing to ensure the songs don’t blur into one frenzied mass and what you’re left with is a prime example of contemporary thrash metal, with enough melody to the muscle to get you shouting along as often as they get your head banging. 


Trendkill are:

Jonny Stern - Guitarist
Corey Bennett - Drum
Isaac Edwards - Bass guitar
Elliot Bartram - Vocals


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So, there we go, a couple of big, heavy bastards to get your teeth into, and if that doesn’t float your boat then never fear because there’s always more independent music out there and we at DTF are still on a mission to uncover all of it. Join us next time for Independent Shorts 11: Covenant (seriously who knew there were 11 Alien films? They were shit after the third one...)