TRIDENT WATERS - Hollywood To Vegas (EP)



London based alt-blues rock threesome TRIDENT WATERS were formed in 2015 and have been likened to the whisky drenched offspring of LED ZEPPELIN and HAWKWIND. That would certainly be a mammoth emergence, but the band’s hypnotic grooves, mesmerising vocals and sultry riffage has been gaining them new fans up and down the country since they first formed. Putting out EPs ‘Tales of Conflict and Devotion’ (2016) and ‘Seven’ (2017) prior to this latest offering, the band recently gave a stunning performance at the first ASCENSION festival in South Wales.

The banging new EP, ‘Hollywood to Vegas’, released June 7th, demands attention from the first bluesy, sleazy riffs of opener ‘Be So Bad’. It has such an addictive beat and Andrew’s unmistakable voice plus the harmonious backing vocals make it perfect for singing along to. It gives a shout out to all those bad ass women out there that have got it going on and it makes me wanna swing my hips and join their ranks!

Lead single ‘Eva Lane’ is a fun loving song full of summer vibes, about enjoying life. Full of lusty licks and melodic vocals, the hypnotic drum beat makes it the perfect accompaniment to these warm days, just right for chilling out with a beer or two in the garden. ‘Futility’ is, as the title suggests, a song about struggle. If anything though, this song is the antonym to the title. It’s a roller coaster ride of dramatic riffs and searing solos that seem to cut right through you, with a groovy bass line, an invigorating drum beat and soaring vocals.

‘Desert Soul’ has a timeless feel about it and the swaggering guitar riffs alone transport me right back to a bygone era. There are a massive amount of bands swarming around the new wave of classic rock movement at the moment and the amazing sound on this track in particular places TRIDENT WATERS firmly within that camp.

‘Gallows’ is the heaviest track on the EP and an absolutely epic way to finish it off. It’s such a dark number but totally saturated with blues. Andrew’s soaring vocals, insane riffs and face-melting solos on this track are delicious, particularly in combination with the phenomenal driving back beats of Wilson on bass and Greg on drums. They’re a powerhouse pair and this track really shows off their combined talents.

These are tunes that wangle their way right inside your head and refuse to budge, the glorious dirty riffs, the soaring vocals, and the combination of that phenomenal rhythm section. This trio are going places and this EP has all the right ingredients to take them there.

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Trident Waters are:)

Andrew Knightley - Vocals / Guitars

Wilson Zaidan - Bass

Greg Zaka - Drums