CYANIDE SUNDAE - Born Ready (Single)



CYANIDE SUNDAE are a three-piece outfit from Sussex, working their magic on the heavy rock and metal scene since 2016. Following their debut E.P ‘Nothing To Lose’ in 2017, their debut album ‘Blinded Generation’ was released in January 2019. They made their live radio debut on BBC Kent last June and DTFM were delighted to have featured them previously on our Podcast. CYANIDE SUNDAE are currently working on a new 4 track EP, due for release towards the end of 2019 and to keep you interested, the band are promoting a track from the album ‘Blinded Generation’, called ‘Born Ready’.


When you listen to the album, you will discover that ‘Born Ready’, is a little more on the heavier side compared to their previous work. The intro reminds me a bit of Nirvana, not in sound, but in style. I would love to see them live and see the reaction from the crowd. I think it’s safe to say that anyone who has been lucky enough to be in the crowd when this track is played, really enjoyed it and got stuck into a bit of yelling and a mosh.

I loved the cool wailing in the middle, funky guitar riffs and the musical simplicity is what makes this track a great listen. Anyone that knows me, will know that I love to have a bit of a mosh and this track definitely made me bounce around the kitchen, yelling ‘Born Ready’ along with vocalist Paul, (badly, but I still did it, so there) – I may even have engaged in some air-drumming, thanks to Kev Terry. Bassist Andre gives it loads here too, which always puts a smile on my face. There is nothing quiet about these guys and that’s why you will become an instant fan, waiting to hear more.


Do check out their album, Blinded Generation because it is a proper treat (I love the track Under This Disguise)

Cyanide Sundae are:

Paul Fielder - Vocals / Electric Guitar

Andre Andrews - Bass Guitar / FX

Kev Terry – Drums

You can get the album, Blinded Generation on their website, both digitally and CD:


Upcoming gigs:

26 July: Battle of the Bands, Horsham

27 Jul: MeyFest Vol. 1, Littlehampton, United Kingdom

02 Aug: The Brunswick Cellar Bar