KRYSTHLA - Worldwide Negative (Album)



I have been keeping an eye on this band since I was introduced to them about a year ago. I have to admit I was a little late to the party as these guys have been playing the circuit for some time now.

I was lucky enough to see them guest headline Metal To The Masses at Club 85 in Hitchin last year to a decent sized crowd. One thing that was apparent was that these guys weren't mucking about, they tore the place a new one. Not only where they so loud they could have woken the dead but they where incredibly tight, you could hear every note, and that’s no easy feat as we are hardly playing smoke on the water here.


KRYSTHLA’s third studio album, ‘Worldwide Negative’, is released on the 16th of August and will follow their performance on the main stage of this years Bloodstock festival. If you are familiar with KRYSTHLA’s previous studio album ‘Peace In Our Time’ and are wondering how the new album stacks up against it, you will not be disappointed. ‘Worldwide Negative’ is everything and more! Produced, mixed and mastered by Neil Hudson at Initiate Audio and Media Studios in Wellingborough, England. The production is incredible, crisp and fat, it could easily stand up next to giants like Mastodon and While She Sleeps which is lucky as they have hit the number two slot on Amazon’s rock and metal chart along side them.


The guys really have pushed themselves with this latest album. The riffs are blistering and tight with poly-rhythms chucked in for good measure, the drumming is relentless and the vocals consistently hit the nail on the head (with a sledge hammer). Stand out tracks for me are defiantly ‘Zero Sum Game’ (which is already making a stir on Kerrang and Bloodstock radio) and ‘Psalm of Heartlessness’, which sounds like Meshuggah and Strapping Young Lad had a feral love child.

This album has a lot more melodic parts and clean vocals than its counterparts but they are incredibly welcome, they showcase the bands ability for dynamics, it also makes the heavy parts seem even more heavy - if that was at all possible.


I would defiantly keep your eyes out for KRYSTHLA as you will definitely see them creep up the bill into bigger and bigger font sizes, so get you buns to the live shows:


Adi Mayes - Vocals
Carl Davis - Bass
Liam Turland - Drums
Noel Davis - Guitar
Neil Hudson - Guitar / Vocals


13 July - Wolverhampton, The Giffard Arms

10 Aug - Bloodstock Open Air (Mainstage)

25 Aug - Nottingham, Ye Olde Salutation Inn

07 Sept - Nuneaton, Queens Hall

27 Sept - Glasgow, Nice N' Sleazy

28 Sept - Dundee, Hordes X

29 Sept - Inverness, The Market Bar

6 Dec - Reading, Facebarmageddon

15 Feb - HRh Metal, Birmingham

10 Apr - Abertillery, Dementia Awareness Festival